Saturday, May 30, 2015

Jean's Post Sunday May 31

Final day for MD Hobby & Craft metal projects at AlteredPages. I'm sure our Team will continue working with the Fabulous MD products in the future.   We sure hope you have enjoyed seeing all the diverse projects made with metal.   Who knew?

My project for today is a perpetual occasion calendar made from the 12 x 12 metal (magnetic) sheet from MD Hobby and Craft.  

First I wiped the metal with windex and allowed it to dry just to remove any residue or oily finger prints.    I then chose a neutral 12 x 12  paper.   

I chose not to glue the paper down, because you can create different designs for each month!   Use the magnets themselves to hold the paper to the board! OR use spray glue to attach the paper to the metal.

The metal allows for approximately 1/2 inch  border on both sides with 7 spaces each 1 9/16 inch wide to accommodate each week.   The height can be larger since you will only have 5 rows however you want to leave room for the month at the top.   So, 1 9/16 wide X 1 9/16 inches tall is a good size for each space.  I left 1 inch on the bottom and 2 1/2 inches on the top.     You will want to draw a grid based on these measurements for placing your daily numbers.   I then went back and used a Black brush marker to make the grid more obvious.  

Using collage 2355 Calendar Numbers, I created all the days of the month - 1 through 31.  I cut and glued them to EcoBoard inchies with a glue stic.  I kept my numbers simple black and white so they would be easy to read but you can add color using any pen or marker.  YOu can coat with embossing powder or a medium for durability.  I did use an ink pad on the edges of my inchies for definition.

I then used Flat back clear glass dots  (Glass Dots)  1 inch+ to create magnets with family and friends mini photos.  

I used a circle punch (or you can use scissors).   If you do not have photos you can circle punch a decor paper and write the name of the birthday person or important event like an anniversary.   

Each year you can reuse this magnet on their day of the month!   So easy to remember important dates and it just takes a few minutes at the beginning of each month.  

I created a month for the top header portion of the calendar.   Washi Tape
was used for the header and border.  I also looked up what the Birth Flower of each month was.  May is Lily of the Valley.   

I also used mini confetti for special holidays and lovely mini images to add visual interest.
I also have a cigar box that I keep the extra dates and speicla occasion markers in when not used.  

You can add a hanger by using a sturdy glue like E6000 and ribbon or decor trim like jute or sari silk glued to the reverse side of the metal.  Or hole punch the metal and add ribbon or chain. 
Another display of course is on an easel of some type on the kitchen counter or in a bookcase.   Wherever it can be easily seen to remind you of the events that month is best.   A frame or Shadow Box works wonderfully too.

Hoping you enjoyed this project, now get busy because Halloween and Christmas are coming!   Use this as a countdown calendar in December by removing the numbers daily.

JUNE hits with a BANG  

Pocket AlteredPages are a BIG deal!   

You can create Pocket Letters in our Swap coordinated by the lovely Corrine Marie.   Corrine is a veteran Pocket Letter participant and has made many new friends along the way!   Lyneen Jesse has been working behind the scenes to ensure a smooth, fun month for us all!

At the end of June we will award one Pocket AlteredPages Kit to a random SWAP participant.

Make sure to visit daily on both the Blog for the Design Team Pocket AlteredPages creations and on Facebook for details to enter the Swap.  

Below is an example of one of the Pocket AlteredPages kits we offer.  See details on the website.....really sweet deals!  


(kit includes more than seen)

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  1. Jean, Great calendar idea! I like how you can change your background from month to month. Brilliant.

  2. Jean, this is too clever by half! I love the idea - and I really like that it functions as well as looking great!

  3. Hi Jean, This is a good idea♥ I like the people magnets!

  4. Love this project, especially being able to change the background to fit the season (or the mood). I love those large glass bubbles too for the magnets. Just amazing!