Monday, April 20, 2015



Jean here, with some tempting ideas for you using The Mailbox Muse Art Kits by Mail.  

AND remember, use #alteredpages on Facebook and twitter to get a free collage! 

One of the great things about the Art Kits is that you get supplies that are useful and FUN.   No overload, just right!     The project instructions allow you to sail your creative ship in your own direction.    

Upcoming Kits are the Spring 2015 Animal Extravaganza filled with love for pets and some animals you can only dream up!

Next up is Summer 2015 Altered Fairy Tales with some unusual twists on the usual stories!

Then for Fall 2015 we will bring you Culinary Chaos, filled with items that are in your pantry and some you may only imagine!   Coffee, tea and wine all take center stage for appetizing inspirations.

Lots more to see in April from Stencil 1 

JUST wait until you see our Lineup of Artists around the globe!   Each Tuesday in May and June brings you even more inspiration from talents including Wendy Vecchi, Janette Lane, Nancy Laird, and so many more!


  1. Culinary Chaos is perfect for me! Helene

  2. I am looking forward to more exciting Mailbox Muse Kits♥

  3. I love the Mailbox Muse kits. Part of the fun is opening them and seeing what wonderful goodies are inside!