Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Small Shrines and Dioramas by Corinne Marie

Small Shrines and Dioramas

Supplies Needed:
Small Jewelry Boxes or Tins
(approx. size is 2.5x3.5 inches)
Collage Sheets:
and glue sticks
Double stick mount tape (squares)
Scissors, Ruler, Pencil, Glitter etc.
Small Green Girl

I fussy cut the girl out, and wrapped the box in
lime green tissue paper. To give the girl some
depth I added a couple of squares of mount to
her back.  I then added the German Scrap to
give the feel of a garden setting.
A few small things like butterflies and flowers
make this a nice home for her. She is at home
in her garden or on her way to a St. Patrick's party!
Fairy with Flower

This fairy is particularly sweet. She is delicate and
really need a soft and cozy place to reside.  I
wrapped the box in printed tissue paper, and
printed two (2) images of her.  I cut the first image
to the size of the box, and fussy cut the second copy
of just the fairy.  I added the mount tape and placed
it directly on top the first copy of the fairy, this adds
dimension and give a bit of a shadow.  I put glitter
on her wings and her flower.  I placed a large
German Scrap  medallion on the back side to give
a regal feel to her home. 

Woodland Fairy

I once again printed two images of this fairy, fussy cutting one
of them.  I covered the box in tissue
paper, and added some moss to the bottom and placed the
butterflies on it.  I placed a band of German Scrap  to the
top making an round shape that lets light in and highlights
the fairy and her butterflies.

I hope everyone gives this small shrines a try!
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~Corinne Marie~



  1. Oh wow! I will have to try my hand at creating some of these! Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Tonya.....I hope to see your creations!! :)

  2. Such sweet little shrines Corrine Marie!! I love your little fairy homes- so delicately decorated!

    1. Thanks Jackie!! I always think they need a home! :)

  3. Wow, love these tiny little shrines. They are so adorable with the beautiful fairies! TFS

  4. Corinne-you did a fabulous job!! Love the fairies.