Friday, March 20, 2015

Altered Lady

Happy Friday friends!
Thanks for stopping by Altered Pages today.  
For today's post I have created an altered paper mache bust using Altered Pages collage images, Mailbox Muse stamps, ephemera packs and German scrap from Kunze Deco Accessories.  I hope you like it. 
I will include the supply list at the end of the post. 
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Beginning stages of trying to decide all the yummy things to use.  The bust is about 2 1/2 feet tall so, this will take a lot of supplies to cover.  I started by adding tons and I mean tons of small, ripped pieces of vintage text.  The pieces needed to be small to easily mold to all of her curves.  Otherwise, I would have ended up with too many wrinkles and bubbles.

Sorry, this one is a bit blurry.  This is just showing all the vintage text pages attached.  This was done using gold matt medium and tiny bits of text pages layer after layer.
In these above pictures you can see that I have began to add butterfly collage images, some random stamped images and light and airy lace.  I also used a bit of a napkin that had some very pretty butterfly and flower images as well.  
 Next, I added some "antique" paper flowers, leaves
and a strand of beads.
You can see in this image below the beautiful German scrap and a bit of pink glitter
washi tape to give her a pretty little necklace to adorn her neck.
I hope you enjoyed this project.  Make sure to stop by Altered Pages to find all the goodies you need to start your next project!
Again, thanks for stopping by and have a GREAT weekend.
Thank you to...
For the beautiful German scrap for this project!
Supply list:

Home page for Altered Pages for all your craft needs
Butterfly collage sheets
Mailbox Muse Stamps
Lace from the All Things French Mailbox Muse Kit
Vintage Text Pages
German Scrap


  1. Just beautiful Stephanie! Love the butterflies as your background images!! Well done!

  2. The altered dress form is gorgeous and you did a fantastic job!

  3. I am knocked out! FABULOUS embellishing and composition. THANKS for sharing with us.

  4. A fabulous work of art♥ I am liking the detail ♥

  5. Wowzers! This is incredible! Love it.

  6. Steph, you've done it again! Another lovely piece of art!!

  7. OMG, Steph, this is gorgeous. I have a smaller one of those paper mache busts to alter, too. Just need the mojo, which you have now given me. TFS

  8. Absolutely love this, I am going to make one and send it to my friend in PARIS!!!

    1. Glad you like it. Steph is such a talented Artist.