Saturday, February 14, 2015

Time for Chinese Celebration

Chinese New Year is February 19, 2015

Make sure to get RED underwear for best fortune!

I wanted to share a Chinese New Year gift I received from a grand artist, Tolegranny.   She is an alumni of our DesignTeam and shared such creativity and wisdom with her teammates!   Her mixed media talents reach to fibers, paper, sewing and more.

A hat box style paper mache piece was embellished to within an inch of it's LIFE!    Authentic Chinese coins and Chinese art papers were used, along with AlteredPages collages.  THANKS Tolegranny!

Now....get organized!

I found this treasure at a garage sale, probably $1.00 or two and it even had the dividers inside.  Perfect for ICAD (Index Card a Day) Art.   Keeps my ATC's and ICADs easy to find and protected.   It is heavy metal and virtually indestructable!  You can probably find similar at an office supply or hardware store.....or if you are lucky a garage sale.

We saw how Nancie creates her project boxes which are great for things a bit smaller than what I need.   When I am putting kits together I may have 20 or 30 items I am using.  I got  Dollar store plastic dish pans and they work great for me, pretty darn sturdy and stack inside each other when not in use.  $1.00!!! Paint them, doodle on them, make them your own!

If you want to keep them filled with project items for your next bit of work, that's fine too; cutting tools, adhesives, etc.  

I sure hope you are enjoying this months posts of Art and Tips for staying semi organized! 

Happy days to you, 


  1. What a nice gift to receive Jean- lovely make!
    I want those tubs!! What a great idea- just don't think I have the room for them! heehee

  2. Beautiful hat box! Great idea on the tubs but like JackieP I don't think I would have room for them either. :-)

  3. That is a Happy Chinese New Year hatbox for sure. How cute! And thanks for the ATC storage idea. I think I saw something like that at the thrift shop. I'll have to look again!.

  4. Beautiful project! I love the dimension!

  5. Thanks to Tolegranny for the lovely Chinese project.

  6. such a beautiful gift you received! i love the dollar store dish pan idea. i've used everything from mixing bowls to cookie sheets to carry stuff for a project around! problem is i am not always timely about returning the items i haven't used to their proper places.... oh well! xo

  7. Beautiful gift from Tolegranny, and love each of the storage ideas.