Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saying Goodbye!

AlteredPages is proud to offer artwork in the month of March using products from Walter Kunze Deco-Accessoires.   Kunze is a premier producer of Dresden trims,  also referred to as 'German Scrap'.

Check in each day to see the wonderful art created by our Team using the fabulous Dresden trims of Kunze.

March 1, 2015 ends an era with one of our 
Design Team Artists....Roni Johnson.

Talented Roni has been with us over 2 years and added so much to our Team and our customers delight.   I wanted to showcase some of Roni's work with us.

   Creative Adornment

Love Stories mixed media

Darling Bird House Jewelry

Roni will be missed by us all.  Her life is very busy at home with a successful business she runs with her husband, along with their farm and family and always new adventures, I really don't know when she sleeps!

Roni has promised she will stop by and maybe even add a little of her inspiration!   

Best Wishes to Roni and family from all of our team.

Jean's product pick of the week is - 

This pack of sturdy 2 1/4 inch blocks  is perfect 
for all sorts of creating.  Make them individual assemblage pieces or place on a pedestal, collage them or paint them.  They require no prep!

Shown on the package is use of photos to create a jumble of images that are fun to assemble and reassemble!   What a great Baby or Wedding Shower gift for friends when you add your personal touch.  

You get 6 blocks for the small price of $8.95  BUT if you use the coupon code March1 you get it at -25% 

Hope you stop by the website and place an order this week.  Thanks in advance.

Jean and the Team


  1. Thanks for sharing some of Roni's highlighted pieces! She is so clever and talented- best wishes Roni,in all you do! hugs

    Those Dresden are gorgeous!! Can't wait to play with some of those! ")

  2. Good luck in all you do Roni!

    I love German scrap. Can't wait to see all the projects.


  3. Roni will surely be missed on the team. Luckily, we will not have to lose touch with her thanks to the magic of the internet. So happy about that.

    Can't wait to see what the team has in store for everyone this month. That German scrap is beautiful!

  4. Roni you will be missed♥ One of my favorite projects is the Love Story Mixed Media.

  5. Your project turned out great!! We will definitely miss your creations!!

  6. TFS some of Roni's fabulous art pieces. She will surely be missed, but hope to keep in touch. Best wishes to Roni in all her endeavors!

  7. You will be missed Roni and the best of luck on future endeavors. Thank you sharing some of your lovely pieces of art.