Saturday, February 21, 2015

Repurposing for Organizational Use!

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I was really worried about this post. I am not organized in any way. I try but ….. Well two days ago I started a challenge to become more organized. I need to so that I can move in my studio, LOL! So I decided to make something that would actually help me corral some of my stuff. I am happy that it worked.
For my project I used a number of products from Alteredpages. I used Delicata and Staz-on ink pads. Various stamps (love the rubber stamps) which I pounced parts of all over the place. I used some tulle that I had received from a mailbox muse kit. It was the winter 2015 – Baby Baby Baby kit.  I love it.

I hope you have fun watching my video. I hope also that you will give repurposing or recycling a try…see you next month,


  1. Very crever use for the oatmeal box! What would be small enough to hold Washie tape?

  2. Debi-oatmeal canisters are just so useful! I LOVE what you did with yours!! Great idea & will look nice sitting on your desk.

  3. I buy those big oatmeal canisters! Had a friend make a purse out of one of the smaller ones!

  4. I love recycling and oatmeal containers are great for this! GO green!

  5. Great idea for any little item you'd keep in an open container. Much prettier than just putting things in a plain box or bowl!