Saturday, February 7, 2015

Organize and Recycle

Happy Sunday to Everyone

It is almost Valentines Day - 
and love is love in any language!

Have you ordered your LOVEY DOVEY Digital collages which arrive to your inbox and are  ready for your sweetheart art  ASAP.

(Cherry Mist ink used with a brush, Zig pen)

I am a strong believer in reuse and recycle!   Clear containers are the very best so you can see what and how much you have on hand.  Large Pickle or food jars are awesome, the large plastic snack food containers from Costco are sweet!

Something to think about!   NEVER throw away the glass tops to old tables or even framed art glass. If the edges are not honed and smooth, wrap with heavy duty duct tape to prevent cuts.  THEN add it it your workspace as a totally cleanable surface.   It acts like a craft mat.   You can use it for tracing too.  

Anyone who crafts should own these drawers!

I have (2) 24 drawer cabinets that are so invaluable.   If you work with charms or beads, they are also perfect to hold your color coded items.    I ordered mine online a while back, however if you have a Harbor Freight store near you, they carry similar drawer units that cost around $25.00....well worth the investment.

Harbor Freight  also has rolling shelf units we all love and at a great price!   Actually larger than the Ikea cart to hold even more goodies! 

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  1. Great cards! I'm going to have to get a set of those drawers for all my embellishments.

  2. Love the card & all the storage ideas - I'm in midst of major cleanup and reorganization ! The 24 drawer cabinets are a great idea!!

  3. Fabulous cards, and great storage ideas, Miss Jean! TFS

  4. Beautiful valentines and good tips!

  5. Wow- cool cart!! Will have to check that out!! Thanks for the tips Jean and you card is beautiful in every language! ")

  6. Pretty Valentines, Jean. Thanks for the storage tips, too.

  7. Great tips Jean! I'm a hoarder too and I never throw out jars or containers like that either!

  8. Great tips Jean! I'm a hoarder too and I never throw out jars or containers like that either!