Friday, February 13, 2015

Note cards and storage tips

Happy Friday, everyone!  It's Robin again.  Today I have some note cards to share with you.  I was asked by a friend to make some cards which can be sent as RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness) so they needed to be non-holiday styles.  So far, I have these five designs completed.  These were made with scrapbook paper and various Altered Pages collage sheets.  Luckily, there are so many different styles and themes of the collages that I can just keep creating!  Stick around to the bottom of this post for an organizing tip of the day!

Jar Fairies Wings and Oriental Backgrounds

Lady is from Beautiful Blue

Lady from Think Pink

Background is an old book page from Altered Pages and lady is from Beautiful Ladies

Couple is from Young Lovers 1

And I promised you an organizing tip!  I like to have as much as possible close at hand.  And although my studio space appears large, there is very little wall space.  My advice is to build up, when you can't build out.  I know some crafters don't like to see their supplies, but I'm not one of them.  I try to utilize all of my available walls!

These pegboard panels next to my chair.  Scissors and paintbrushes are always close at hand.  I made a trip to the hardware store and found a set of pegs with many different shapes and sizes.  These circle pegs were intended for screwdrivers.  As if!  They look like paintbrush holders to me!

And when you have run out of room to build outwards, build upwards!  I don't have a lot of pretty decorations on my walls because it is much more important to me to have my supplies handy.  I bought plain spice racks on eBay and painted them.  Little bottles of glue and embellishments sit next to my homemade die cut storage board.

And I use every bit of wall space I can find.  This little oddly shaped corner next to my storage cabinet holds more supplies, including another pegboard panel.  And two over-the-door wire racks hold my old VHS tapes that I can't bear to part with and even more supplies.  Don't be afraid to be creative with your storage ideas!


  1. Great Rak cards!! Love the assortment of styles Robin! Especially loving the butterfly and lady on yellow!!
    Holy moly storage supplies!! What a neat idea for your die storage!! I had to laugh when I saw those vhs's ,yup, I have some too! tehehe

  2. Love the assortment of cards you created and your craft area rocks! Once I finish my craft room I'm going to use some of your tips to finish off my area. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Love the spice rack idea!! I love all your note cards, but my favorite one is the Elegant lady! Thanks for sharing. Great ideas!

  4. Love your ideas♥ Your cards are beautiful and I pinned the lady in yellow! I also shared with face book.

  5. The Die Cut storage board is AWESOME!!!! The cards are darling and so colorful! Great Stuff!

  6. Your note cards are gorgeous Robin I particularly love the butterfly on the beautiful cherry blossom background from the Asian Background Collage Sheet. Great tips for storage ideas too......I have a huge peg board in my room, but haven't utilized much of the free wall space in my room so thanks for inspiring me to do so if needed. xx

  7. I must have the behind the door thing!

    1. I think I got it from the Miles Kimball catalog, but I've seen them in stores, too.

  8. Awesome! Love the way you have your dies on the magnetic board and the paintbrushes on the pegboard! Great ideas!

  9. Robin, loving all of your storage ideas, and I think your RAK cards are all gorgeous. What a fabulous variety you have come up with!

  10. gorgeous note cards! and a fabulous pegboard tip! xo

  11. Great RAK cards, so beautiful! Creative Blessings, Tracy x