Thursday, February 26, 2015

leftover Gellis and notebooks full up of goodies

What do you do with your leftover Gellis?  I always have a pile of leftover prints, and keep them around for using in whatever??  Today in the art room I found an abandoned, partially finished origami wallet fold book made from a double sided Gelli print.  It needed a cover and a purpose, so it's now full of atcs created from random bits from my collage notebooks (more on those later).
Look at all those leftover Gelli prints--they WANT to be something!
The origami wallet fold book has four pockets, each containing an atc made with more Gelli leftovers, Altered Pages images, and rub-on sentiments.
Now for my organization tip.

Here's the thing--we have a baseball card store.  Okay, so we sell all kinds of sports cards and memorabilia, but the point is, I have an in with the fella that runs the joint, and he keeps me supplied in all sorts of plastic pages, the kind that fit in a three-ring binder.  The nine-pocket pages are perfect for holding the bits left from cut-up collage pages (not to mention ATCs--did you know that baseball cards and ATCs are the same size?), and the 8 1/2 by 11 inch pages of course hold the full sized sheets of collage images.
Have a wonderful Thursday!  
(P.S.--there are a couple more photos of the Gelli book up on my blog, if you'd like to see.)


  1. Loving the way you store your collage bits!
    Off to check out your blog Trisha! ")

  2. I store some of ATCs the same way and awesome project!

  3. Great idea for those gelli prints. And I love your storage idea for the ATCs. TFS

  4. Well, I don't know if these were great--but I only needed small pieces, so it didn't matter! ;)

    The book was already made from a double sided Gelli, it was a pretty good one, I really like using the detailed paper doilies for masks, they make a good mark.