Friday, February 6, 2015

Accessorize and Organize

Well, that says it all, doesn't it?  
Hi everyone, Stephanie here today. 
Have fun with the Altered Pages design team this month as we show you ways we organize our stash of art and craft supplies while sharing our creations. 

Today, I have for you a jewelry piece and a one of my "can't live without" organization tools.  First, though, the bling. 

I created a statement necklace that just begs to been noticed...and with Valentine's Day coming up, what better time to plan an outfit around this beautiful bobble.  This was created using old domino tiles that have been pre-drilled, perfect for diy jewelry.  I added collage images, a charm and Glitz Giant Gem from Altered Pages...and a few bits and pieces from my bead stash. 
Add a red ball chain and you are ready to go. 

In this shot and the close up above you can see that I added a masquerade charm over the eyes of a lovely lady from the Really Red collage sheet.  The roses came from a combination of the Really Red and Red Collage sheets.  Everything was attached using Crystal Lacquer. 


I stole Paris from a portion of the 
Glass Slides collage sheet.  
Can I just tell you with the sheer volume of collage images from Altered Pages your options to customize this 
look here are truly endless. 
Some wire wrapping and beads given new life and we have a beautiful statement piece sure to get you noticed. 

Now, onto the organization tip. 
I always have my craft kart near by.  I was very fortunate to be given this little gem as a gift from my Mom & Dad.  I love turquoise. I love anything industrial with a vintage flare and well this little Ikea find is PERFECT.
I load it with all the goodies I think I will need for my current project and wheel it right over to my desk.  On busy nights where we have kiddo activities like basketball or cheer I sometimes have to work outside of my studio.  This is when my craft kart really comes in handy.  It travels where ever I need it to go. 

I hope you enjoyed my Valentine's inspired statement pendant 
and my organization tip. 
Make sure to check back daily for more beautiful creations and a tip here or there that just might come in really handy in your studio.  
~ Stephanie  

Supplies I used...

Misc. beads
Craft wire
Ball chain necklace 


  1. Handmade jewelry is a labor of love. This piece is unique and beautiful.

  2. What a fun piece of jewelry Stephanie! I love the added mask!
    Your cart is fab- I have no IKEA by me, or I would get one myself!

  3. I like the red ball chain to add some unexpected color. I like your cart! I'm organized when everything is put away, but during a project my dining room is a disaster! This is a great idea! IKEA ships, Jackie P Neal!

  4. I like the unexpected color of the red ball chain to tie your piece together. I'm organized when my supplies are put away but during a project my dining room table is a disaster. The cart is a great idea! IKEA ships, Jackie P Neal!

  5. What a unique and awesome necklace! I love re-purposing anything. The domino's is unexpected and really makes a POW statement!! Great job!

  6. love the necklace. great combo of mixed materials come together so perfectly! IKEA!!!

  7. Your Necklace is fabulous Steph and I have this exact same cart in my room, filled with all my inks etc so I can wheel it anywhere in my room to create with. Ikea is a great place to shop for storage ideas and I am loving turquoise too. xx

  8. Woozier! Love your necklace you created! I've never altered a domino before and now I want to. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I love the necklace and as for the cart, I've got one being delivered next week!


  10. Love that handy cart! I have been wanting one!

  11. Fun necklace Steph! I've seen it before and loved the whole idea of it.

  12. Fun necklace Steph! I've seen it before and loved the whole idea of it.