Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What do you do with your extra paint?

Partnering with other companies gives our Design Team the opportunity to explore new ideas with products we may not use.  Also, we share ideas with our viewers.  I love using paints, DecoArt has an amazing selection of colors.  When I work on  a mixed media project I tend to put more paint on my palette than I need.  What do you do with the extra paint on the pallet when you are fished with your project?
I did just that when I was working on my journal pages a few days ago.  When using so many colors I didn't know how much I would need of each one.

Not wanting to waste anything discarding the paint is not an option!
I have a deck of playing cards that I painted with gesso.  I keep them in a box and when I have left over paint I pull out the cards and paint backgrounds for future use.  You could also use the extra paint on journal pages.
It is fun! Paint them one color (which I rarely do) or make designs.

These are the cards using left over paint from my journal pages.
I created this Paris ATC with one of the cards.
Stamp with Muse Paris Stamps add a few Dew Drops!
Playing Card
DecoArt Paints
Muse Paris Stamps
Black ink
Dew Drops

What will you do with your extra paint in the future?


  1. Great idea for leftover paint. I like your playing card ATCs.

  2. Really cool idea for that leftover paint Lyneen!
    I even go to the extent of spaying water on my desk on the paint and sopping that up on paper as well- thrifty?I don't know ? heehee

  3. I do the same thing whether it's paint or spray on extra paper or tags. Great minds think a like. Great job on the ATCs!

  4. This is a very good idea! Thank you!

  5. excellent use of product.....makes for less waste and more creativity!

  6. Very cool idea to use the cards. We never want to waste good products, do we? TFS a wonderful tip!

  7. now, you KNOW I love that Paris card! LOL

  8. Excellent idea!! You never know when you'll a need a background that's ready to go!

  9. Oh this is great I have oodles of playing cards waiting to be utilized!

  10. I use a small dish for each color ... when I am done and have left over paint I add water and Arabic Gum and put it in a spray bottle hence I have spays to use with my stencils for backgrounds Although I may try the playing card ATC idea nice one.