Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015!

                             HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone! 

How appropriate that my first post here with Altered Pages is on the first day of the new year!! ~ I couldn't be more excited!!
Our January partner is DecoArt-so,I will be showing you some pieces that I have created using both products from Altered Pages as well as DecoArt- sit down with your cuppa and have a read... heavy! teeheehee
My project for you today is creating mixed media postcards to send out New Year wishes to friends near and far- 
When sending postcards, they have to remain thin and also be the size of 4.25 x 5.50 in order to be sent as a postcard. 

 With this is mind...I printed my collage sheets on a thin bright white presentation paper (not photo grade). 
Next, I fancy~cut a large assortment of Altered Pages collages pieces to choose from, I like to mix and match- create a bit of fun!
Collage Sheets I used for this project are ~ 
Vintage now AP 378
A Child's New Years AP 2057
Showgirls AP 963
Vintage New Year AP 2058
 I used both preprinted postcards as well as some cut from thin cardstock.
 For my first completed postcard I simply used Nori Paste  to glue on my chosen collage cut outs and then added Gold Opulence Corners and a greeting using my Silver Gel Pen
For my next cards, I used my DecoArt Media Acrylics to create washes for my backgrounds...
 I squirted a drop of each color onto my mat and loaded my paintbrush with water and just swiped the colors across the card. Next,I loaded a smaller brush with water and white paint and swirled random circles as well as splattered the white.

 Each postcard is sealed with a coat or two of DecoArt Gloss Varnish- this gives a beautiful sheen as well as ensures no edges are sticking up from any of the added pieces.
 With these next two postcards I added DecoArt white Media Crackle Paint with a palette knife

 one card- all over and then a wash of Dazzling Metallics~Worn Penny over the white

    And on the second postcard, the Crackle Paint was added at the base to represent snow...

 A close up to show how neat the snow looks with that bit of crackling and it also stayed on the thin side for mailing.
Now, for my next grouping of postcards, I gessoed the backs of each and while they were drying, I filled my Ultra Fine Mist Sprayers with water and a a drop of each of my chosen colors of DecoArt Media Acrylics
I gave each a good shake a spritzed away- some I held upright to let drips form and others after spraying I picked up two of and pushed the wet paint against one another- you can see that the gesso was not dry here and gave another layer of interest to the background.

Hopefully I have filled your muse with enough inspiration to start out your New Year with some fun! 
Be sure to stop back tomorrow and the following days to see what each of the talented Altered Page design team has come up with to inspire you further!!



  1. Really nice collection of postcards! Your friends and family are going to love them!

  2. What a super fun project you created Jackie! Love how different each post card is. Great job!

  3. Wonderful postcards - looks like you had lots of fun!!


  5. Your post cards are fun and creative♥

  6. I love making my own backgrounds! It's always unique and special! You did a great job! Happy New Year!!

  7. I love every last one of these! Looks like they were a lot of fun to create!

  8. Thank you soo much everyone for your wonderful comments and great support!! I am pleased as punch to be here at Altered Pages!! Woo Hoo!!
    Happy new years to you all!

  9. Such a great batch of post cards for the new year and each one is so very different. I think my muse has been inspired! Happy New Year, Jackie!

  10. Hi Jackie congratulations! Great first post. Dee x