Friday, January 9, 2015

More than just paints. DecoArt

Jean here and I am so pleased to show you some interesting items from DecoArt today.  Not just little bottles of acrylic paint anymore!  

Included in the updated ARTIST lines from DECO ART are products we all need!    Various items for texture and for priming such as modeling paste, crackle finishes and gesso.   The newest Stencils are such fun too!

There is a FULL line of Decou-Page for all purposes - gloss, matte, outdoor, paper, fabric and satin finishes.  

I decided to play and experiment with the modeling paste and an old stamp tin.   

I applied modeling paste in varying thickness with my broad palette knife.   I made some textural marks in it and then added Cadmium Red Hue from the Media Fluid Acrylics line simply by dropping the paint unto areas I had textured and then blending in some spots.

These paints are different, when used on paper, than what you may be used to.   It takes a bit of playing to get the effects that are brilliant and wonderful!

I do like using all sorts of on hand items for texturing, paper clips, bottle lids, Squeegee tool and whatever else may be on my workspace.

I then applied Media Mist in carbon black in an effort to balance the colors.  It is pretty darn Bold.   I also went over some of the texture I had made since the modeling paste was still maleable, I was able to etch down to the metal.  

I had no intent of making anything specific.  As I experimented, I realized it was somewhat manly and using the cadmium red in my experiment led me to think of a manly gift for Valentines day.   I may fill it with gift cards and a manly sentiment.....such as "You Spin Me Around".    I may continue to work in it a bit more or add color.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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  1. Don't you love modeling paste? So much fun! Great project, Jean!!

  2. Love your project! It kinda looks like a hand with claws. :-) Great job!

    1. Yikes, Tonya, you are right! See art IS in the eye of the beholder!

  3. I have to agree with Tonya!! I like the texture!

  4. I'm digging the circle theme and that song is perfect for your piece Jean!! If you do more-please share!

  5. Great project, Jean. I love experimenting with new products, and I like your idea for using it on a tin. Will need to give that a go next time I am playing.