Thursday, November 13, 2014

transferring Alice with Craft Attitude

It was time to add the White Rabbit's fan to my Alice In Wonderland altered book, and I have some paper that has a satiny fabric coating on one side--it was probably made for things like wedding invitations.  Using the Craft Attitude printable film, I transferred the appropriate text from Alice in Wonderland to the film, and applied to to the paper.

Not only did it allow the texture of the paper to show through, but after I decided white was too boring, the Craft Attitude accepted some paint, glitter, and crayon with no problem at all.

You can't even tell the Craft Attitude film is there!
The fan blades are stitched together, like a real fan, so they open and close only so far:

Craft Attitude 
Art Anthology Baby Blue Eyes Velvet Paint
Vintage Text Pages
Memento Tuxedo Black Ink
Gold Glitter

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!


  1. Super fun page! Wonderfully done!

  2. The fan is a great addition to your book. Another great tip about the Craft Attitude!

  3. Very cool Trisha! I'll have to search back for your other posts on your Alice book- big Alice fan am I!

  4. tremendous project! I get excited to see where your book is going to lead us!

  5. Fabulous book page. It is coming along wonderfully! I can tell you are really enjoying the process, as are your viewers!

  6. Wonderful!! I enjoy seeing your book and all the technic's you have used♥

  7. That is neat. And I love the way the fan actually works.