Friday, November 7, 2014

'Tis the Season...

'Tis the get making those holiday crafts and gifties! 

For the month of November Altered Pages is teaming with Craft Attitude to bring you all kinds of awesomeness!  Be sure to check the blog daily and make sure to comment on each post...this will enter you into the monthly drawing for fun, fun stuff! 

So for today's offering I have made a set of three mini Christmas Trees using Altered Pages collage images printed on 
Craft Attitude printable sheets.
They almost have a topiary look, don't they?  I will add a supply list at the end of the post so you can find everything you need to make some of your very own.  I think these would make great hostess, teacher or neighbor gifts. Or, better yet keep 'em all to yourself.  Okay, maybe give away two and keep one!  :-) 

I started out with three paper mache cones and three different sized wooden blocks and gave everything a coat of gesso. 

Then, everything got a light color wash with craft paint, the cones with pale metallic green and the blocks started out with a bit of green, gold and will see later that I changed my mind completely on the color of the blocks.  

I then began adding the collage images that I previously had printed on my Craft Attitude printable sheets.  The images that I chose for the "trees' were printed in color and the images for the blocks were printed in black and white.  The Craft Attitude printable sheets are so easy to work with. Print, cut, a little bit of glue stick and apply.  How easy is that?

I then began embellishing with gold foil stickers and paper flowers.  You can see here where I changed my mind about the wooden blocks and repainted them in metallic gold. 

Next, the final touches with vintage garland hot glued to create a tree "topper" and a bit of pretty ribbon and fibers. 


The "tree trunk" look was created using chop sticks that were painted out in the same metallic gold as the wooden blocks.  I wanted something a little thicker than a wooden skewer and the chop sticks were perfect.  I think using actual small twigs would be very pretty as well. 

Here is a close up of the wooden blocks with the black and white images adhered with simple glue stick right to the block.  Remember, if you are printing text you need to reverse the image prior to printing so it reads right when attached to your surface.  Most Word programs have the ability to do this. 

To attach the "trees" to the blocks I simply drilled holes in the blocks just about the same size of the chop glue needed as they fit nice and snug.

I have to say I am pretty pleased with the final result and I know that I will for sure be playing with Craft Attitude again!   
I hope you enjoyed my project too!  
Have a great Friday and remember to leave a comment to be sure to be entered into the monthly prize drawing!

Thanks for stopping by, 
Stephanie S. 

Supply list; 
Petaloo Flowers  in Rose and Robins Egg Blue
Acrylic paint in Metallic green and gold
Craft Attitude Printable sheets


  1. These trees are very pretty, Steph! Great project.

  2. Very pretty! I love seeing what each person comes up with using very similar supplies!

  3. Gorgeous ♥ I just might go Victorian this year :)

  4. These little topiary trees are just elegant and beautiful, Steph! They would look awesome on my fireplace mantel. I may have to give these a try and make some for myself. TFS

  5. WOW, incredible twist on the colors of Christmas! Fabulous job!

  6. What fabulously fun and Christmas Trees Stef, great idea and I love your sweet images that you chose for each one!