Saturday, July 5, 2014

First Sunday in July

We have several things to tell you about weather, art and fun!  

1.   If you have never lived in the Desert you may have not experienced a 'HABOOB', no it's not a snarky preteen comment.   This occurs when a dust storm rages across the desert obliterating all in it's path.   We are seeing more and more of them due to the drought over the past ten years.    It makes a real mess to clean up and is dangerous if you are driving, as visibility often goes to zero.   We do not suffer from floods or tornadoes or hurricanes, but we have our haboobs!    This was last Thursday enveloping PHX  Sky Harbor Airport.  We live where the dust is covering! Our fireworks were cancelled and we hope will be rescheduled!

Now for some good news.  We had a winner for June's Blog Comments - Jackie Hedlund who just happens to comment everyday among a few others!   

We have our Portable Art Kits back in stock, they were so popular we sold out! Get one before they are gone again!  

AND our Box'O' Rubber is getting rave reviews from those who received theirs.  It is one heck of a deal! Includes shipping and is crammed with new rubber!   Some are mounted some are unmounted with all sorts of images.  This came from one of our valued customers...My Box of Rubber - they are the best - it is like you read MY MIND ON MY PREFERENCES, I LOVE THEM......

We have the July Blog Gift to show you.   We think you will want this one for sure!    

You can WIN - 
Kaisercraft Paper Pad 6x6 Forget Me Not, 
Package of beautifully coordinating Petaloo flowers, 
25 ATC blanks,
3 silly sticks, 
Bottle of stickles, 
3 gorgeous Leaky Shed chipboard items AND 
A wonderful AlteredPages large, sturdy, high quality canvas, tote. 

Go NOW and Comment!   
For your daily comment your name gets thrown in the hat for the random drawing at the end of July.   (one comment per post gets counted).  Share us on Facebook too!

Then make sure to visit the Leaky Shed Blog too, share some love with both teams!   All of the artists work to produce amazing art for your enjoyment.


  1. The haboob doesn't sound like something I would ever want to go through. Plus with my allergies the way they are I'm sure the dust would have my sinuses messed up for weeks. :-( Congratulations to Jackie for winning June's prize package!!!

  2. Excellent giveaway, very nice products to win, Congrats again to Jackie!!!

  3. Wow that looks scary..I wouldn't survive that.. Anyway, I love the give-away. Congrats Jackie!!

  4. Fabulous giveaway!!! Hate those haboobs, though.

  5. Yikes!! I grew up in Northern NV where it's super dry and never came across a haboob, thank heavens! It doesn't sound fun, but I be sure to say an extra prayer for relief of these nasty little buggers. The prize looks super awesome and you are correct, I would love to win it!

  6. Wow! I've been through a dust storm in West Texas, but nothing that intense!

    Wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  7. Wow, that dust storm looks scary. I don't know which is worse, your dust or our ice storms. Yikes. Nice to see the Portable Art Kits are back in stock. It's a lifesaver if you find yourself stuck somewhere and need to pass the time!

  8. Thanks for the congrats! Thank you Altered Pages Associates for being so generous ♥

  9. Reminds me of the kansas dust storms. We have the tornado's but nothing like this. It has to be hard on the animals with no place to hide. Hope you get enough rain to keep this from happening.

  10. I'm so glad I live in the wet humid eastern shore. Dryness like that is horrifying, we love our moist humid heat. Well. Maybe not love, but we'll keep it.

  11. Wow what a dust storm, we get them here but nothing like that. Off to spread word about the great commenting giveaway too! xx