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Sunday Blogging from Jean

Hi guys,

Have you enjoyed your weekend?  It was pretty balmy in PHX until today when it got to 100.   YES, 100 and it just may stay close to that until the end of October.   Anyone have a spare room in a ocean front villa?

OK, now to the ART - I have a journal I made by hand and I drag it out and work on it sporadically,  This post is of that book.   I do find inspiration from magazine pictures and such.  Photos, smells and other things too.   I  had some pages I had applied magazine cutouts to and felt they should be finished off.

First  I have to tell you I am a messy artist/crafter.   My hands being dirty is fine by me.   To affirm that I am attaching a photo.

The book I made used a hard bound book with all the pages removed and turned inside out. The covers were collaged with papers and AlteredPages collages along with washi tapes.

The interior pages have been a one at a time effort.   What I did this weekend was a tribute to the 1960's.   This is the 50th (YES, sorry to say) anniversary of the Ford Mustang's debut.    The 60's were such a time of change, so many new conveniences and revolutionary ways of dressing and acting by the "hippie generation".   Flower Power, Make Love Not War, protests and plain old crazy behavior is what some people thought. That is what inspired me to take a colorful magazine page and turn it into a 60's tribute.

I used Maya Mist charcoal spray ink to stencil the numbers for 1960's.

The Flowers are from Bazzill and the Dew Drops from Robin's Nest

The opposite page also started with a magazine cutout and then I added washi tape, felt stash pieces (peace signs) an OWL from  AP collage 1714 Green and psychedelic circles cut from AP collage 3020 Blast from the 70's .    

Over all I think it captured my mood and the reminiscence of time gone by (not that long ago).   

Enjoy and watch for our next ARTIST on the BLOCK  post on Tuesday.

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  1. Love the petals, came out very nice Jean!

  2. I am not commenting.... I will age myself!!! LOL...

    OH MY GOSH! FLASHBACK! What memories.. I remember wearing all of those colors... AT THE SAME TIME!!!! Great journal.

  3. The good old 60's!! I graduated High School , got Married and 5 years later in the 60's I had my first son!! I did like all the colors and the soup can art! I wore beads and listened to the new music of the day! Thanks for the memories !

  4. The 60's? Oh, no, no, no. I'm much Much MUCH too young to remember anything about the 60's. Ask me about the 90's. :P

  5. Way cool Jean or should I say Groovy journal page! I love that you're a messy artist too...Ink Stains isn't the name of my blog for the fun of it. It's nice to know I'm not alone :)

  6. Love you guys! I'm sure we are ALLLL too young to remember the sixes, can ya dig it?

  7. I was just a small child.. but I do remembering hearing something about flower power and such. Very nice piece Jean! Very nice.

  8. Well I certainly am too young to remember the 60's. Actually, I have very fond memories of the 60's and your journal page brings back a million of good ones. Groovy, baby!!


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