Thursday, May 15, 2014

Simple - Easy - Useful

Hello art lovers!  It's FRIDAY and Stephanie ready to share.   In today's post I am taking a departure from the creepy baby doll head book I've been working on to take of something that needed replacing.  My trusty cell phone case is all cracked...been dropped one too many times I guess.  So, today I am going to show you how to create your very own original cell phone case using mostly Altered Pages products.  We all have phones and why not make them as original as possible, right?  Right!

This project was so easy and I am thoroughly happy with the end result.  I really only used a few supplies and it didn't take too long at all.  Great for a quick crafting fix.  I used a Glitz paper that I love. It is the Glitz 8 x 8 paper pack "Enchanted Waters".  Honestly, I have gone to this paper pack so many times.  I also used the ever so fun Glitz Giant Gems in "Carpe Diem".  In the picture I show Dew Drops, but I ended up not using them, for this project, but who says I am stopping at one phone case?? :-)  I think you can add dew drops to just about anything...if it stands still Dew Drop it!  You can see in this picture that I used a blank cell phone case (which you can grab at most stores these days).

In the picture below you can see that all I did was trace and cut out the paper to fit the case just right and yes, it took a little tweaking here and there.  As usual it was better for me to cut the size a little larger than I needed and then I just kept trimming until it was just right, including the cut out for the camera.  My X-acto came in very handy here. 

In this next picture is the final project.  I got a little craft happy and for got to grab a couple more pics, but really it was just cutting out the paper as shown above and then blinging out the front of the case.  I stamped the word Love on the Glitz paper, fit it in the case and then came the embellishments.  I added my Glitz Giant Gem (using a little Crystal Lacquer for extra hold) and some black rhinestone cup chain from my jewelry stash.  I used a really strong super glue for that addition.  Not that I am terribly hard on my phone, but it is always and I do mean ALWAYS in my hands, so that was my thinking with the super glue.  I suspect that Crystal Lacquer would have been just fine. 

I am really happy with the finished product.  I even got a "YOU MADE THAT!?!" from my teenager...I think I will take that as a compliment.  

I did want to show you other cute options with some fun combinations using paper and charms all from Altered Pages.  The following pic is showing the awesome boho chic Bohemian Bazaar paper collection from Graphic 45.  I also loved the idea of a little contrasting washi tape and more cup chain. 

The chevron paper below is also a Glitz paper.  This is from the Color Me Happy 8 x 8 paper pack.  I thought this one paired with some cute nautical themed charms adhered to the front of the case would be adorable. 

I hope you enjoyed the project.  I also hope you found some inspiration to DIY something useful into a little work of art all your own.  I think a fun, funky cell phone case would also make a great gift.  Just make sure you know what style and version of phone you are buying for when picking out your plain case. 

Be sure to check back with the blog...we always have something fun up our sleeves. 

Have a great weekend!



  1. I wasn't aware you could buy blank cell phone cases, such a great idea to decorate one of these to your own taste. The paper you used is one of my favorites too! TFS.

  2. What a nifty idea Steph! Gosh just think of all the cool combos you could come up with. I'm thinkin' for me it would be some of the fun vintage text pages, an image transfer of a classy lady with a big hat and some Stickles glitter glue (all of course ava. at Altered Pages). Gosh, what a fun project!


  3. Awesome project!!! You could have a cell phone case for each holiday and special occasion. The possibilities are endless. <3

  4. I am so glad I'm not the only one who gets so caught up in their project that I forget to take pics!! I think your phone case is just darling! That is such a fun paper're going to have everyone asking where you bought it!

  5. LOVE IT! I see a new side business on the horizon!

  6. Very creative idea! This would make a nice gift for someone special!!

  7. I sure do love this DIY phone case idea. Wouldn't this make great gifts for all your friends and family? The ideas are just coming so fast. TFS this wonderful project.

  8. This is a fun idea - I'm wondering if I pulled out a blinged-up phone in the grocer's check-out line whether people would point and laugh at the old man with the tricked out iPhone LOL.
    Thanks for sharing the fun idea!

  9. Thanks guys. Yes, great gift idea. Tristan, if they point & laugh they're just out of touch. You go for it & bling a case!