Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day Sunday 2014

There is such a nice thing about Mother's Day - We can ALL celebrate this day.

Maybe you're a Mother or Grandma, we all had a Mother or we wouldn't be here.   

Some Mom's are in Heaven still watching as we know they do!  Some Mom's are close by, some are far away, some chose their kids with adoption and then there are the angels who become Foster Moms.  I believe we can all be sure no matter what, we have all been loved as only a Mother can love.

The art I chose for today's post is the sort that maybe only a Mother (or Grandmother) can Love.  It is the ART that comes from deep inside a heart of childish innocence.

Perhaps you have received art like this or you have created art like this.  I know that Picasso or Michael Angelo could not impress me more than this piece of perfect Art.

created by Gabriella Siatta   age 4 (my granddaughter)

To all the Mom's, Grandmothers, sons & daughters, please have the most lovely day reflecting on the feelings of childhood; the ability to imagine, make up stuff, create with freedom & give little thought to grownup rules!

P.S.  G does have a great eye for composition!



  1. Lovely posting - terrific images and touching words ...

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Jean. I love your granddaughters's art. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a wonderful tribute on Mother's Da!!!! Brought tears to my eyes!

  4. Such a sweet post!!! Happy Mother's Day to you too Jean!!!

  5. Such a lovely post and tribute to mothers Jean! Happy Mother's Day to you also! xx

  6. Hope your Mother's Day was super! Lovely post.