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When in Doubt , Make Tea.

 Tea! I adore a good cup of tea, always have. 10 years ago I stopped drinking coffee. I know a terrible sin. By decreasing my caffeine intake I felt more focused less shaky and jittery. I was also nursing at the time and I was a neurotic mother that felt the caffeine in my system would keep my newborn from napping.  I explored herbal teas, green tea and black tea. Currently I'm a 3 small cuppa tea lady. In the morning, tea time in the afternoon and a peppermint after dinner. 
Summer time in the South calls for iced tea or as we call it "Sweet tea". This is were sugar plays a very important role in the making of "sweet". If you like "Grandma tea" you'll add 2 full cups of white sugary goodness that you're dentist will scold you for later. Or a more preferred amount of sugar. Just enough to put the sweet in Sweet Tea.  
  Hot or cold tea has gotten us through some good times and bad. Nothing like a hot tea first thing on the morning or on a cold autumn day.  Sweet tea in the hot & humid months of summer. When we're sad ,happy or socializing with cookies and cucumber sandwiches.  In Canada we follow tea time like the Brits and here in the South we use it help us through the "vapors" .   I wanted to make a cute gift box complete with tea for a dear friend. When I saw the tea cups and crowns from Leaky Shed I was over joyed and the ideas poured in. (no pun intended) The beautiful collage sheets with Altered Pages were a perfect fit. Using trims,gems,letters and washi tape to adorn the box. I couldn't stop there.....

 I made these mini match box gift boxes using collage sheet Tea Party which is adorable. Word stickers are one of my favorite things to use along with gems . I gave them each a pull cord for adult fingers..
Have fun with these ideas .
Happy Creating


  1. I drink tea all the time, what a beautiful box... I love your little match boxes!!!

  2. These are so wonderful... especially the mini matchboxes. Great inspiration from the "teacups and tiaras" readers art quest challenge at Unruly Paper Arts. TFS!

  3. What a pretty gift this would make for someone! I love all the info in your article: I don't think I was aware of the Canadian tea drinking tradition being so close to ours in the UK. I am drinking tea right this minute as I admire your lovely work. I especially love those little matchboxes. Lovely inspiration and interpretation of the UPA RAQ theme this month. Julie Ann xx

    1. Hi Julie, Canada loves the queen mother! Its about half and half. My family and friends have been big tea drinkers. Enjoy!

  4. love the matchboxes - just my cuppatea!

  5. This is just adorable. I love your description as much as your pretty creations. Creative and entertaining. LOVE IT!

  6. I am not a big tea drinker but love the creative ideas!

  7. I so love your little matchbox tea boxes. Very creative!

  8. Adorable! The perfect gift for the tea drinker!

  9. A lovely gift idea Melanie and wonderful use of the images and chipboard from the Leaky Shed. Those mini match boxes are just adorable too! xx

  10. Such cool ideas! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  11. Very nice, Melanie. You are an inspiration.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  12. I love iced tea that is sweet tea! And honey in my hot tea! You have wonderful, creative projects! Helene from UPA


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