Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday in Arizona is about Assemblage

We love creating from 'stuff', how about you?

Gather STUFF and then pick a focal piece.  Let your mind go free with imagining.   See shapes used in a different way,    Turn things upside down for a new perspective, literally.   Pile things on top of one another and then let them fall, see what comes to mind.   Play like a KID.   

The first piece is made purely from found items with an artists mannequin.   Nuts, bolts, jewelry pieces, pins, feathers and an old aluminum dessert dish work together to create this warrior.

Paints and mists were used once it was assembled using a sturdy glue.   Feathers and pins were added after painting.

This second piece uses a painted wooden ATB with feet, a top block added and a metal picture holder inserted into the wood, a paper layer from Glitz, fiber and gold leaf.

PLEASE see the blog each day this month for the amazing and wonderful creations made in partnership with Unruly PaperArts.   

TA DA - Go to our Blog on April 15th to see a STARR Artist!   

Products used in projects above include;

Glitz Paper Layers
Gold Leaf
Duo Glue
Wood ATB
Thanks for freeing your mind and playing a little bit.  


  1. Love your warrior and the ATB block... you are so creative!!!

  2. With the wings, your warrior has a great fantasy feel to him!

  3. terrific pieces! especially love the colorful and fanciful warrior! also like the idea for a new thing to do with the thick ATC's (I have a lot of them LOL).

  4. What fun! Such a fun way to put discarded pieces to great use!

  5. OMG, this is fabulous. Love your art doll turned warrior. Great use of found items.

  6. this is beyond awesome--so creative! Helene from UPA