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Have you tried NORI PASTE ?

Hi, Jean here on a blogging Sunday.   Yesterday was very unusual in AZ, it was a bit cloudy, sprinkled and stayed below 80 degrees!    HEAVENLY.

ON to my Blog project.   I trust Karen Elaine from Yasutomo (Japan) and when she recommended Nori Paste, I said, that's good enough for me!   Karen is the artist behind Splash Inks, one of the BEST inks you can use for everything!

I tested Nori Paste on my Final project with our Unruly PaperArts blog partner.   The theme as you know by now, is Teacups and Tiaras.

I had a stash of small Chinese Take-out boxes from the Dollar Store and decided to use them for a Tea Bag Gift box.

I first took the box apart so I could cover the white inside surface with some decor tissue I also had in my stash.   This way the inside is colored and lovely with my theme on the outside surface.

I applied the tissue to the opened box with Nori Paste and it was a dream! Nori Paste is totally nontoxic, even safe for kids.   It washes right off your hands or work surface.   This application method made it easy to cut away any excess tissue paper after the paste dried - YES let it dry!  ( I did cheat a little and started cutting while it was a bit damp because I wanted to see how manageable it would be and it was a DREAM).

Here is the NORI lowdown!  One of the easiest and cleanest 

to use! It is water based, so make sure anything you may 

print out is done with a laser printer for no risk smearing. Just 

apply it with your fingers or any applicator you choose. Allow it 

to dry thoroughly for best use. 

I love the open time for repositioning it if needed as I had to 

do.  Sealing with Crystal lacquer or other such as PVA or 

Diamond Glaze, will add a permanence. ALSO Nori Paste is an 

archival safe, non-toxic starch based adhesive. It is 

completely water reversible and can be used for wet 

mounting works on paper to a hard substrate such as 

museum or rag board. Nori thins with water and can be 

used as a medium to bind powdered pigments. It is great 

for bonding thin, heavily fibered papers. This remarkable 

paste has an extended open time allowing for repositioning 

delicate papers without the risk of tearing. Excellent for 

collage, or mounting prints. Can be mixed with PVA glue 

for a stronger bond and longer working time. Excellent for 

book binding applications.

I applied the Nori Paste with an old metal spoon, smearing it around a bit, but a palette knife or a silly stick works great too. AND IT WASHES OFF! Using your fingers can be the best way to spread it!   Use it sparingly, as it is a water based glue and you do not want your paper to become soggy.   Goodbye to all those things I have had to throw away after using various glues.   Now remember this paste is not for fixing the sole of your shoe, glass, plastic or metal, but it is fabulous for most other things and certainly papercrafting!

Then I applied collage images I cut from  AP 518 TEA PARTY

You can see how perfectly the tea bags fit the darling take out box.
The international Tea Party collage images were perfect for the outside!

Next I needed some Tiaras to complete my Art mission! I thought of the perfect way to give this gift, what better way than tied with a ribbon of Crowns!   I did not add any glitter, but anything can always use a splash of glimmer if it's a gift!  

Your supply list can include:

Small Die cut or Dollar store Chinese Take Out container
Nori Paste
Collage AP 518
Crown Ribbon
Glass Glitter  or Wink of Stella
Kai Scissors (or your tried and true favorites)
Drying Time

Thanks fort stopping by to see the project.  Happy Sunday!


  1. Your tea gift box is beautiful. The music notes are one of my favorite ways to add texture to a background, too.

  2. The Tea Gift box would make a nice hostess gift! Beautiful♥

  3. LOVE THE ALTERED BOXES!!! What great little party favors or a small gift box to have on hand!!!

  4. Awesome. Love how you decorated those adorable little takeout boxes and made them quite useable for many small gift items. TFS about the Nori Paste, too.

  5. What a clever use of these tiny takeout boxes Jean, a fabulous project and wonderful idea.

  6. Such a fun gift idea in a tiny package!


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