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Guest Artist Jen Starr

We are honored to introduce you to 
our Guest Artist 
Jen Starr

I was honored to be asked to participate in the Altered Pages Blog as a Featured Artist and even more excited to be able to share Art Anthology with you all! As Creative Director for Art Anthology, I would like to begin by telling you a little about these fabulous products. 

Art Anthology currently has 5 different paint lines plus a 24 Colorations Mists, gesso, 2ftx3ft non-stick craft sheets and so much more to come!! 

All of the paints have a special formulation that make them unique from the average acrylic paint. 

Sorbet and Dimensional Crystals (My signature line of paints) have beautiful shimmer and glitter combinations with a gloss finish. They are formulated to be translucent yet keep the vibrancy of their colors so you can use them for things like painting over book pages or photo tinting for example. My Dimensional Crystals are a bit bumped up in the intensity of the colors, more bling and they also have a fun removable tip that can be used for added dimensional details…or just for the ease of getting the paint out and directly on to your projects! 

The four new Metal Effects are similar to the Sorbet without the glitter and they have a stunning vintage, metallic effect! 

The Velvet line has a matte finish with a gorgeous velvety shimmer and are more opaque and the four brand new Stone Effects paints have a very cool, gritty texture that is perfect for dimensional effects over stencils, etc. 
ALL of the paint lines have strong adhesive qualities for embedding objects, holding on to things like glitters (even glass glitter and mica flakes), embossing powders, beads, etc. They will all also hold a texture if scraped over a stencil, used with texture tools or even just applied with a palette knife! 

Trust me…these paints are SO MUCH FUN to play with and create absolutely stunning effects!

Using a 6x6” canvas panel as a base, adhere some book page using a wet adhesive such as gel medium. 

Lay a stencil in place and use a palette knife to scrape any of the Art Anthology paints over the selected area…blending colors together. All of the paint lines (Sorbet, Dimensional Crystals, Velvet, as well as the brand new Metal Effects and Stone Effects) are all dimensional and will keep their shape!! 

I used Sunbeam and Guava Dimensional Crystals for this project. 

In the center add a few dew drops (or glitter, beads, etc) using the paint to embed them. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle a pinch of embossing powder in some areas. I used Ranger’s Gold Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE). Use a heat gun to emboss. 

Tip: Depending on which heat gun you use, if you hold it in place in the same area long enough you can get the paint to bubble which adds more texture and interest! 

Use a palette knife to randomly scrap more paint around the edges. In the opposite corner from the stencil design, lay the paint on thick and use a texture tool (I use Princeton Catalyst tools) to comb a design in to the paint. Sprinkle more embossing powder if desired and emboss. 

Once the paints are dry, it will act as a resist for water based mists. I used Art Anthology Colorations mists in Grass, Studio Blue and Waimea Bay to spray over the remaining white background. Allow mist to dry on its own (so you don’t re-melt the embossing powder or wipe the contrast of color away). Once the mist is dry, use a baby wipe or damp paper towel to buff off any mist that had dried on the paint. 

Create a photo transfer on a manila tag using either Sorbet, Dimensional Crystal or Metal Effects Paints (I used Vegas Gold Sorbet). Simply use a print from a laser printer or a toner based copy. Trim the photo as desired and generously paint the PRINTED side of the picture. I also paint the background it will be transferred to (the tag). Be sure to work quickly before the paint dries and place the painted/printed side of the picture down on to the painted tag. Be careful NOT to get paint on the back of the copy paper. Allow it to dry completely…use a heat gun to speed up the process. 

Once dry, spray the paper with water and begin rubbing with your finger in a circular motion until the paper starts to break down and come off. Continue to add water and rub as necessary. The end result should be the ink from the print being transferred in to the paint. 

Distress the edges of the tag with scissors and adhere it to the canvas panel. Spray a piece of crocheted lace with Colorations mist and adhere that to the panel as well. Write a sentiment on the tag using a Sharpie or Faber Castell PITT pen. 

You’re DONE! 

If you have any questions e-mail me at 

Jen Starr is a Mixed Media Artist with a fine art background who has been in the Craft Industry as a Designer and Instructor for over 10 years. She is the Senior Educator for Viva Décor USA, the Creative Director for Art Anthology and is a fully Certified and Ranger Recognized Instructor (with 5 certifications from Ranger). There are many companies and products that inspire Jen and she is an endorsed educator or has worked closely with many of them such as Ranger, Ten Second Studio, Viva Décor, Canvas Corp, Tattered Angels, Stampers Anonymous, Faber Castell, Basic Grey and Prima, just to name a few.. Jen has designed several signature product lines and currently has a signature line of paints called Dimensional Crystals as well as a range of Colorations mists with Art Anthology. Her projects have been featured in many publications in the US and Europe including the “Ink Essentials” book.

Jen has been making art her entire life and has been scrapbooking, card making and making colorful yet vintage inspired mixed media art since she married her wonderful husband, Mike, in 1997. They live in Northern New Jersey and have 2 children (11 year old Ryan and 9 year old Maya) who are the subject of much of her work. 

Empowering students with product knowledge and creative Techniques is what Jen strives for in each of her classes! She has taught technique based classes at stores, crops, large events and conventions all over the US and regularly in Europe and Canada. She has also been a featured instructor on several crafting cruises and taught at events such as CHA, CKU, CKC, Memories Expos, Scrapbook Expo, Bonanza in England, Scrap-A-Ganza in the Netherlands and at ScrapEvent in Sweden. Jen also regularly demos inking and stamping techniques at trade shows such as CHA, SMAC in Paris, Krea Vak in Holland and various Distributor events around the world. Jen absolutely loves to teach her students to use their creativity and help them think outside the box. It makes her so happy to be able to share her skills, knowledge and love of the art of scrapbooking and stamping with so many others.

Friend Jen on Facebook – Jen Zdanis Starr


  1. Beautiful canvas project and your paints sound like fun to use! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Really lovely canvas - and I will have to get some of your paints and try them - they're new to me! Inspired seeing your work!

  3. Jen - it's wonderful to see you and your wonderful art work. You are as always an inspiration! Thanks for being a guest artist and sharing your love of art with us all!

  4. Jen, I absolutely love using Art Anthology paints, and have been spending lots of time experimenting with them. They are awesome, but I did not know you could use them for image transfers. I am definitely going to give them a try. BTW, I met you when you taught classes at Eclectica in Memphis, TN. I enjoyed the workshops very much. So glad you agreed to guest design for Altered Pages. I learned a lot from you today.

  5. So Beautiful! I always love seeing your Art!

  6. Jen we are so very honored to have you on our BLOG. THANKS for taking time to join us. We appreicate the blog post as well as your awesome art and great words!

  7. Gorgeous creation, lots of rich colors and textures--very fine!


  8. Jenn lovely to learn a bit more about you and the Art Anthology products today. Your canvas is just gorgeous, love the wonderful textures and rich colors. Thanks so much for joining us here at AP.

  9. WOW! So nice to meet you! And sharing your process with is is so generous of yoU! I love it!!

  10. Jen thanks so much for sharing your art with us!!! I so hope to meet you when you are up here in the Pacific Northwest!!!

  11. Love your post. I absolutely LOVE the Art Anthology paints.Thank you for sharing your creativity and knowledge!

  12. I am new to the DT and am getting familiar with everything, your work is awesome and I hope to see more in the near future, Best of luck. Francine

  13. Loved the post. The artwork is beautiful and the techniques you shared made me sit up and take notes!

  14. Wonderful art and tutorials! Helene from UPA


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