Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Doodling and Painting

I am glad I had a post today, it made me stop and be creative instead of working on business things.   As my job title states, Head Honcho and Janitor!    There are always things that have to be done, so it's good to things we WANT to do!   I am guilty of putting fun aside too often, makes for a grumpy girl!   We are so proud to partner with Yasutomo for this month.   They provide fine quality products at very affordable prices.  We are proud to carry many of the products of Niji (Japanese for rainbow)

I had done this doodle in an online class by Sandi Tygar, a wonderful instructor and it sat waiting for me to work on it again.   It is large and was done on a Dessin 70 # sheet 11x14 inches.  Not your usual size for doodling!   I did use a black .05 Micron Pen.    It is a fun, yet major undertaking!

I decided to incorporate my Niji Pearlescent Water Color Palette, I used the 16 pots size.

I used my Niji waterbrush.   I like the mini size, easy for travel & it still holds so much H2O!

First things first, remove the cover and take your water brush apart by unscrewing the brush from the barrel.   You can simply hold the barrel upside down in a glass of water and squeeze, when you release the water will be sucked into the barrel.   You do not need to remove the black insert but if you do you can fill the barrel from the water tap.     

When I get new paints or use them on different papers, I like to do a color layout to find how they will react on the papers I intend to use.   Sometimes I like to use letterpress paper and it is very absorbent, sometimes I use cardstock which is not absorbent.  So with each paper choice you can have a very different outcome.   It is important to know your tools. papers and inks/paints for the best results.  

The Niji paints are so wonderfully rich in color.   The more you layer, the more rich they become.   Water adds to the brush automatically, simply squeeze gently for more.

I use my lid as a palette for mixing if I choose.   Just rinse when you are done.

Now for the Color!   I realized quickly that I thought my micron lines were plenty dark and wide, but when color was added I saw I might want to go back after the paint and reinforce some of the lines.   I have never been an "inside the lines" painter, so this was a disciplined effort for me!   I did decide that I will also go outside the lines as I work!

I always keep paper towels handy.   I make sure to rinse my brush after each color was applied, there is no need to change brushes after each color.   BUT if you are going from dark to light you may want to use two or more brushes for no color contamination.  And less rinsing time and more art time!

 p.s. do you see my outside the lines ?

The photos do not do justice to the fabulous pearlized paints.   With each glimmer of light the colors reflect so beautifully.   Depending on the coverage you want you may want to allow drying time and repeat applying colors.   The more wet you make the paint the lighter the coverage will be, so take some time to be familiar with the paint.   I have much more work to do!   

Hope you enjoyed the information and photos.   


  1. Love your outside the lines painting... Your doodles are fantastic!!!!

  2. I hate it when I go outside of the lines! I have to learn to let go!! I love the paints you are using and the water brushes♥ Have you tried them on photo paper?

    1. That is exactly what I was planning! You read my mind!!!

  3. Love your doodle images, and adding the color sure does make it all pop. The whole thing is just fantastic! Now to get it framed.

  4. Love this. Your doodling is great. I love the dangles and love the "outside the lines'!