Monday, December 2, 2013

Little Suzy Snowflake

We do not get much (or any) snow in Phoenix Arizona.   I do miss it, being from Pennsylvania.   However, I would rather bask in the January sun than shovel the driveway, truth be told!

I want tell you a story about a little red haired girl who always seemed to be in trouble was the red hair, it stood out and she was often mistakenly charged!   That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

In second grade the little girl was chosen for the lead in the Holiday Pageant and played the role of Suzy Snowflake!   She practiced dancing around the Snowman and children playing on stage.   Perhaps that was the beginning of her true determination to Go on with the Show!

The day came and she was so excited in her frilly white dress, crown and magic wand.  She truly was a Snow Princess that day!

In honor of that performance and the fun that was had, we have some fun Snowflake Tags for you.

These are quick and easy and can be found in our Kits category on the Website.    

We supply Tags, Snowflakes, Tulle, Brads, Ink, ribbon and glitter.    We also add some Snowy images to create additional tags with snowflake embellishments.

It's all about Layering, coat your tag with foil or leaf, color your tag with inks, scrunch up some tulle in your favorite color add a snowflake a brad to hold it all together and VOILA.   You also add a pretty ribbon to hang on the tree or gift bag is you like.  We provide instructions for creating a nice reverse side too.    These are in the Quick and Easy Kits along with some others that are very affordable and include most everything you need to complete the project.

ENJOY and Keep Smiling, 
it makes people wonder what you've been up to!


  1. Love your closing! Yes, it does make people wonder, hhmmm, naughty or nice?! Oh, love the tags BTW. ;))

  2. These are so beautiful. Love the frilly-nessof them.