Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shiny and BRIGHT

We want to share a technique that was shared with US!

We want to share it because it gives such fantastic results with simple supplies and especially at this time of year with so much bling and gifting, what could be better than personalizing what you create?

Joanne Sharpe uses craft foil and a glue stick in her hand lettering tutorial.
As shown in Cloth Paper Scissors promotion.

Using paper of your choice - Simply write what you want with a glue stick (UHU glue sticks are fine quality).   Allow to air dry a bit.

Then lay craft foil over the glue (shiny side up) and using a Silly Stick as a brayer, rub gently but firmly to transfer the foil to the glue.    

Gently peel up one corner to see if it adhered as much as you would like.  If needed, press back into place and use the silly stick again being careful not to tear the foil.

Create one of a kind gifts by framing someone's name or their pet's name.   This could be the year you become famous for your truly one of a kind gifts!  You can keep in under 5.00 per gift by using Dollar Store frames, you can find some nice ones!   Even better, use foiling to decorate an old frame!   Our foiling rolls and sheets go a LONG way!   Each roll is 10 feet long x 2 inches wide!   YOU get 120 inches to create like mad!  Sheets are various widths & lengths.

All you need is a glue stick, silly stick or bone folder, craft foil and paper.  Think about using plain old wrapping paper with some added bling!    Wouldn't brown kraft paper look marvelous with copper, or white paper with hot pink foil?     Of course you can also use DUO glue for leafing and foiling, double side tape works like charm too!