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Day 30 "A little fun with Zetti and Poe in a bottle"

Hey everyone, well we are getting down to the wire!! Can I have a big Scary Cheer for all the amazing artists that have inspired us during this ghoulishly awesome blog hop!!! I just want to thank all of you for joining in and for your wonderful comments!!
Today I bring you a little bit of craziness. I am in love with Zettiology and of course Collage art. So when I received some most gnarly images from Altered Pages and Smeared Ink I knew I would have to find a way of throwing them all together to create a page in my art journal for today's project. So without further ado here is my fun Zetti art journal page using their awesome collage and digi images.

A Poe in a bottle anyone? LOL
I began with a blank page in my art journal, adding several pieces of torn book pages I  then sprayed the page with several different colors of Dylusions ink.  Next I did a little snipping and pasting of different parts of the collage and digi images to create Poe in a specimen bottle and mad Skelly. Added more paper strips and stamp splashes and a quote from none other than Mr. Poe himself and Wha La!! A lot of strangeness going on here but that is the whole concept of Zetti and with help from some AWESOME images from and I was able to get my Zetti on while having loads of fun.
Well that's all folks I hope you have enjoyed my little piece of strangeness. I have created a list of  some of the supplies I used as well as the collage and digi images. Once again I hope you have had fun along this monthly journey and have been inspired!! Now if you are ready for more eerie goodness click on the next link which will take you to Leslierahye's page!! 
Happy hopping all and from here in the Ozarks
  Supplies from Dylusions Inks Sprays, Gesso, Mat Gel, papers from Graphic 45 Spells, Collage Images  ( Edgar Allen Poe, Gothic Stamp Set, Dem Bones) Images from ( Lisa Lashes)


  1. Amazing page and fabulous treat container. Giggling at Poe in a bottle. so much fun detail! xxD

  2. Great page. That lady's face is rather creepy. Love all the elements on your page. Fab job with the treat box too.

  3. Absolutely strange, but fun to look at all the details. Great job with this art journal page.

  4. So much to look at. Poe is not the only one trapped in a bottle.

    I will admit my heart sunk a little and skipped a beat when I saw you had this labelled as Day 31.
    I want, I NEED, one more day!

    1. No worries DogsMom! There will be one more day from was just a typo on the link...come back tomorrow! :)

    2. I know how much you have enjoyed this hop! One more day and it's over sadly. But hang sith us for continuing blog fantasies and excellent artwork. We have some 2 for Tuesdays coming and partnering with awesome companies. Join our monthly challenge too! HOPE to see more of your comments.

  5. Melodee, your passion and talent are way beyond words! THANKS for sharing this with us all.

  6. What is known about Zettiology?

    First of all, the word was coined by Teesha Moore to describe a new genre, a blend of the ordinary and the fantastic. I can see it is about creating new creatures made both from the familiar and from the realms of fantasy. The new creatures belong together like a tribe: you could call them The Mythical Zettis.

    One of the most succinct explanations I have found is that Zettiology is 'Sustained Confusion.' When you look at Zetti style artwork you will probably notice animal and people parts being cobbled together into one form, with outlining and doodling all around to make the fusions not so confusing. This makes for original, quirky art that is a little fun or silly.

    Crafters often use black and white elements mixed alongside bright colours for their Zetti creations.

    You may also find whimsical words or sayings handwritten or printed in an equally whimsical font alongside a Zetti creature.

    Yet a Zetti art work is more than just these few elements. Zetti work produces a feeling of other-worldliness as well. I often marvel at how people put together so many different elements and make them work together so well.

    Another way to think of Zetti art is to start with a human or animal figure (that is, with reality), then blend it with something fantastic or other worldly (that is, fantasy), such as adding wings to a child's body. Add in other unexpected details such as striped legs or cone hats to make the new Zetti creature even more incongruous.

    I guess you could think of Zetti as taking traditional ideas and blending them in nontraditional ways. You could take creatures you would doodle, then cut and paste them together at a whole new level. Use patterns and textures that contrast with each other as you form your new creature.

    So to sum up, ways I have discovered to make your Zetti art are:

    Aim to make the ordinary into something whimsical or from a fantasy world
    Use contrasting textures and patterns
    Use lots of bright colours but mix in some black and white patterns such as stripes
    Use mismatched faces and bodies
    Add body parts, clothing and/or wings to a creature who doesn't usually have them
    Give your creatures fantastic hats and crowns
    Combine the quirky, odd and whimsical to make a new Zetti creature
    Use lyrical, poetic, handwritten sayings or text/li>
    Use outlining and doodling to bring all sorts of elements together

    Article Source:

  7. *applause from very entertained viewer*

  8. Spooktacular creation! So rich and vibrant and love all the details!

  9. What a fun page. Love your zetti character and your sentiment. Looks like you had fun creating your page!

  10. wow this is really neat- love the detials and colors....very intriguing!

  11. I LOVE this! I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you one day, as your art is amazing & I am sure you are too! XO

  12. Amazing page, I love the colors and the quote!

  13. The page in your art journal I FANTASTIC... love the colors. You did amazing work with all the images!!!! GREAT PAGE!!!

  14. Oh wonderful job! Love all the details and elements you added! Wonderful colors and images!

  15. Amazing!! lovely work, love the boldness and the bright white writing on there! Fabulous page! mo xxx



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