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Floral trinket box

With all the awesome flowers available at Altered Pages, I had no problem finding something in my stash to decorate. This is a simple little trinket box that would make a great gift or even just shelf decor.

Supply List:
Substrate - paper mache heart shaped box (from my stash) But you could use this too
Paper flowers - These are from Little Bird and they can be used on ANYTHING!
Scrapbook paper
matte paint
paper adhesive
EmbellishmentsI used some little stars from my stash but any of our embellishments would look great!

Here are a few of the items I started with.

First I want to trace the shape of the box on to the REVERSE side of the paper pattern I want to use.  I did have to trim it down a bit to remove the extra (if you don't want to measure, it's really not a big problem. I just eyeballed the thickness of the sides and trimmed that off all around) that way you have the initial shape of your item. I find that the paper mache items can be uneven sometimes so when I am cov…
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Graduates Bouquets that last

Gifts for grads can be puzzling

We have a solution for you!

Create fun flowers with any paper to fit the grads (guy or girl) personality, likes, sports, career choice or simply fun or pretty.
The surprise is - tucked into the flowers are dollar bills or gift cards.  Place into a live plant or a cute mason jar you paint

The 'bouquet' can be a bright spot in a future dorm room or study area at home.   Those $$ bills and gift cards can hold off the study hunger pangs too!

Use glitter papers, future School colors, mascot images, use items to personalize the bouquet.

Have fun, make sure those grads are safe.
Do not drink or text while driving!

French ATB Artist Trading Block


So by now you may have gotten tired of my Paris themed projects.  I am really drawn to the theme.  My dream is to one day I will visit there!

This is a work in progress... Not finished with my ATB, I am loving how it is looking.  What do you think?  I will share the finished ATB on the blog this coming week, be on the lookout for it!

ATB - Artist Trading Block
Butter Creamy Dixie Belle Chalk Paint From DIY Design Studio
Metallic Rub-on Cream
French Ruban Fantasie Trim
Adhesive - Glue
Eiffel Tower Charm
Jewelry Packs

French Ruban Fantasie Trim
ATB - Artist Trading Block

Apply a couple of coats of the Butter Creamy Dixie Belle Chalk Paint From DIY Design Studio on the ATB - Artist Trading Block

Set aside to dry.

Once dry, rub Metallic Rub-on Cream on the ATB - Artist Trading Block to distress it.
Glue the French Ruban Fantasie Trim around the ATB - Artist Trading Block
Distress the Flowers with the Metallic Rub-on Cream on the front and back as pictured.

Work …

Believing in Tomorrow...

Happy Friday gang! 
In following along with our month long flower theme I have for you a beautiful garden accent piece.  This was made for a very special occasion and had to be kept secret until just the other day. 

This project was actually made with my dear Mom in mind for Mother's Day. 

Let's take a look at the process...

Find yourself a nice substrate.  I chose a large and heavy travertine paver.  I knew this would stand up to the rough Arizona heat and monsoon storms we have. You could also use a canvas  or add it to the cover of a pretty journal.   You can see above that I lightly sketched my idea and added the quote from Audrey Hepburn.   It reads; To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.  My mother has a beautiful back yard with plantings, statues, art and wind chimes of all kinds.   This is definitely someone who beleives in the beauty of tomorrow. Next, came the paint to bring the flowers to life. You can use most types of paints.  See the links below.   Just remember to …

New MAY Board Book Kit

If you like board book and love kits with the supplies you are going to log this one... the MAY BOARD BOOK!  You receive the blank board book, paper, flowers, tags, pockets, ribbons and full-color instructions.
Limited supply so order your. Click here to order.

May Flowers Pocket Page

Shh...this is my first try at Pocket Pages. Really, it is!
Now I am addicted to this super-fun ATC sized art.
As you can see there can be an abundance of materials:
Gel Prints
Vintage Images and Text
Rubber Stamps
Pocket Page

I tried out some images:
Then I really went wild:
The Paintables worked well with many mediums:
Here is each one individually; #1: