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From the Altered Pages Chirstmas Archives!

I went back through the archives for some beautiful Christmas inspiration.  I am sure you will agree these are projects that will inspire! Angel Spoolie - Jen Rothstein Holiday Wine Charms - Danie May Sisal Tree Ornaments - Jean Moore Julie Nutting Stamped Christmas Card - Lyneen Jesse Angel Ornaments - Trisha Neal Christmas Spoon Ornaments - Stephanie Siatta Creative gift wrapping - Lyneen Jesse Check back each day for more inspiration!
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For the Guy in Your Life

Hi there & thanks for stopping by! Today, I have for you a Christmas card that would be great for the guy in your life.  It is a bit masculine, but not so much that you really could give it to anyone.  I used a great little VW Bus image as my focal point. I also used beautiful chipboard snowflakes in this card design.  If you have been keeping up with the design team this month you know that we have had a theme of lace.   I thought that these looked a bit lacey, but were not too feminine.   You can find links to everything I used at the bottom of this post. 
So, let's jump right into the process;  Here, I am getting ideas for the layout after tearing out my two collage images...
Getting that first coat of glitter paint on my chipboard snowflakes... I chose to only add a bit of sparkle to my snowflakes.   I wanted to keep the brown, woodsy undertone intact.  Inking all of the edges...  More ink...
 And, more ink for the inside greeting....
And, here we have the card all assembled with some p…

A Gel Plate Texture Tool

Did you know that Lace makes a great texture tool to use with your Gel Press Plate.  Whether you use Lace Ribbon, Paper Lace Tape or Doilies you can create a unique background/print with great textural interest.

Pressing the lace items into the paint layer that has been applied to the Gelli Plate soaks up/sticks to the paint so when you remove the lace the paint lifts from the Gel Plate leaving the pattern of the lace behind.  You then get a textured print on your chosen paper used to take the print.

I love random play and experimentation to see what interest I can create on my prints.  I also work with layering the various designs and different colors over each other.  Today the heat was a factor so the ability to take ghost prints was limited due to the paint drying rather quickly on the plate.  When working with items that are smaller than the plate and you wish to imprint the texture or pattern to get I always work with a piece of thinner paper such as tissue paper to press the pa…

Throwback Holiday Ideas!

I thought it might be fun to re-share. Here are photos and links to those items you must have this season!
SISAL TREES, Glue, Lace Packs
Create in any color! Flowers, Wood Hangers
We love Board Books for memory making! Sturdy, and lasting to add photos, written notes and all the good stuff of the Holidays.  Kai Scissors, Paper pads, Holiday Design Book.

Santa domino book

Hello, I hope you are enjoying the season! Today I have a fun project for you. A Santa theme domino book.

Supplies you will need:
Dominos - you can use any size, wood, plastic, ivory, whatever.
Collage images3002 Santa Place cards - scaled them down to fit my domino.
German Scrap - Dresden
Acrylic paint
Scrapbook paper
Alcohol ink and rubbing alcohol

Here are my papers, lace, dominos and scaled down collage images.
 Drop on the alcohol inks in a random pattern. You can use acrylic paint for this as well. I dried the ink and then, using a dab of rubbing alcohol on a tissue, I blotted the pattern down a bit to give it a more marbled look and lighten up the colors.
Using watered down black and white gloss acrylic, I use a splatter technique to add some interest to my ink pattern.  Once dry, I spray with acrylic sealer.
I mark the length of the domino on to my paper, then I cut a strip that width.
Just showing you what the opposite side of the paper and…