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Welcome to February!

Where does the time go?  The holidays have blown by, Creativation has come and gone!  Valentines Day is almost here! This month the Altered Pages Design Team will be using the Pantone color of the year: GREENERY!   Hopefully you can see the "Greenery" on my collage! Supplies: Canvas Board Large sheet music Tissue Black ink Mailbox Muse Paris stamps  - Eiffel Tower Gel medium Vintage Text Gelato - Green Water Brush White Flowers Glitter Heart Pins Paris words Gold Design Stickers Glue On a Canvas Board  paint a light green background using  Gelato - Green  and a   Water Brush .     While the canvas board dries, stamp the Mailbox Muse Paris stamps  - Eiffel Tower with Black ink  on tissue.  So the ink will not run on the tissue, prepare the tissue by spraying it with an aerosol hairspray and let it dry before stamping.   With gel medium start layering paper on the Canvas Board , first the Vintage Text .   Then add a bit o

Easy Personalized Note Cards & Envelopes

Hello again! Jen Rothstein (Dog-Ma Studio) here for Altered Pages.  Today I have an easy customized set of note cards. These can be used as Valentines Day cards, but they are suitable for any time you want to use a personalized note card. I like to use them to thank friends or just as a little pick me up sent to a friend in need. They are blank inside so you can write for any occasion.   Supplies: Blank Note cards with envelopes. Here I use a set of 3 from my stash. Matte Medium or any paper glue Images cut from Sabor Amor paper line Spray Mists in 2 or 3 different colors Stencil or mask Stickles Stick on embellishments Metallic Rub on wax Alcohol Ink Tissue paper Washi tape or ribbon **Embossed metal - I cut heart shapes from ones in my stash, you could either omit this step, or just use paint, glitter or even a clear gloss to make the hearts pop. My usual starting process.  You can see below, I ended up using a larger stencil so I could cover all the note

With Love ~ Valentine Canvas

Follow us on Bloglovin! With Valentines just around the corner... a small Valentine canvas would look great on my desk! Supplies Altered Pages Collage sheet : Always in Love Small Canvas or Art Board Chalk Paint - Timeless Chalk Paint - Rouge Gel medium Cherry Mist Black ink Ruby Red Glitter Flowers Glue Start off with a blank canvas and paint it with Chalk Paint - Timeless  and Chalk Paint - Rouge While the canvas is drying fussy cut image from Altered Pages Collage sheet : Always in Love With gel medium adhere small doily, then spritz with Cherry Mist , let dry. Adhere fussy cut image with gel medium, let dry. Then with Black ink   on finger  go around the edge of the canvas to frame it. Add just a touch of glitter with glue to the corners and adhere flowers! Love the vintage look of the canvas. Hope I have inspired you to create your own Valentine canvas!


HOWDY TO EVERYONE ON A FINE JANUARY SUNDAY,  THE LAST ONE, AS A MATTER OF FACT! Our theme this month has been reflecting our character.  I thought this was a fitting topic.  I want to share some artful creations and some history with you.  Some sweet, some edgier. It was my job to plan a reunion this past week.   Our women's club became inactive several years ago. Life gets busy, people move and change happens.  We are members of General Federated Woman's Club Phoenix chapter, Centennial Woman's Club.  It was so named, as it was founded in the Centennial year of GFWC.     I am proud to say I am a Past President and Board member of CWC.      For the reunion, we decided to create nametags and to honor an annual event (The Teddy Bear Tea) at which we donated hundreds of stuffed animals to the PHX POLICE for use with Kids in distress.  The situations including abuse and being removed from the home for any number of reasons.  A great suppo

SPLATTERING was one of the highlights at Creativation

Not only did I get meet with the amazing Jean Moore, Stephanie Siatta, Trish Alger and Ingrid Vient... I got to SPLATTER!!!     At Creativation 2017 the Splatter Room was sponsored by 3M, Scotch Blue Painters Tape,  DecoArt and Pinspiration! I had to sign all kinds of waivers!!!! They were demonstrating that the new 3M Scotch Blue Painters Tape did not let paint seep when painting.   Here I am suited up ready for the SPLATTER ROOM!  Before we went in we prepped our canvas with stripes of the 3M Scotch Blue Painters Tape.  I am in the far corner getting ready to add yellow paint to my canvas.   SPLATTER...   SPLATTER...   SPLATTER... Now I am picking another color to SPLATTER...   and SPLATTER again.   When finished we left our paintings at the booth to dry!   Here is my finished canvas!  With the tape removed. Pretty cool demonstration!   If you ever have a chance to SPLATTER paint I highly recommend taking the op