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A Surprise Giveaway for a Great day!

In honor of the BIG day, we will include a FREE 3 pack of cards & envelopes with any $10.00 or more order.   See our embellishments too, lots of great card making supplies including papers, tapes, adhesives, brads & charms.  C lick here to see the cards       We have tools too!  Click here for scoring tools.

New Products at AP

See our new adhesive back Library pockets... click here for library pockets and more Fun new additions, some with limited quantities.   We have mini cards, wooden dominoes and stickers.  see our mini playing cards and dominoes

More Halloween fun projects from Christine Telega

Christine, one of our fabulous Design Team Artists from Canada created this kit. It is a HUGE kit with many collages, embellishments, papers and tags.   She made it diverse, sweet spooky and fun too.   Just the right touches to show off all your talents!     You will be able to make a  minimum of 10 tags.  click to see the kit on the website

Halloween Kit from Trisha -- AP Design Artist

We have a fun and fantastically frightening Kit for you.  This kit has a hint of scary humor!    You receive 20 ATC cards, a tin for storage, collages, words, and more!   Order Now and be ready to hand them out to friends at work or church or school!    Quick, fun and affordable, not your Walmart cards! Thanks for the laughs, Trisha Neal!    click here for Kits

Beautiful Fall Board Book from Debi Wind

This book was created from our TAG Board Book by our talented Design Artist, Debi Wind. Debi uses Bazzill papers with lovely collages and embellishments to create a seasonal delight!   Find the  books here... click for board books...


Make sure to see all the horrifying Halloween images we have for you at These are really great if you order them on sticky paper, cut them and overlay them. Click HERE for frightening (and cute) Halloween images

Cards Cards Cards

If you are working with glitter, how can you live without our Glitter Clean up cloth?   No more glitter in the hair, on the doggie, cheeks, shoes or kids, unless you put it there!   CHEAP and EFFECTIVE! CLICK here for glitter cloths Fun techniques with glitter and tape.    Our double side tape is perfect for utilizing glitter on your projects.   You can use differing widths that are also perfect for attaching ribbon to paper.   We have 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch widths available.  click here for our adhesives and tapes The glitter lines are created by attaching the glue tape to your decorative paper, then peel top layer of protective paper pour on glitter, burnish, brush and peel off more, add more glitter.   Always burnish the glitter, pressing it into the glue tape to make sure it adheres, using a paint brush to remove excess glitter is a good idea.   Always work on a surface that allows you to pour the glitter back into it's container, i.e. a piece of copier paper - 

Christmas Star Ornament

It's not too early to begin making Christmas ornaments to share and to keep.  I love the look of handmade ornaments on a tree or as an embellishment on a special gift.  This chipboard star ornament features an image from sheet #1862D - Very Vintage Santas.  A watch crystal was attached over Santa's jolly face and large flake glitter surrounds the dome.  Christmas ribbon was hot glued along the edges of the star and a dangling acrylic crystal adds a bit of sparkle.  Yep, it's time to plan your ornaments now...Christmas will be here sooner than you think! ~Dianne

Halloween Project Ideas

Oh My Gosh, I'm excited. has so many goodies for Halloween!   Try our wide selection of Halloween collages of course, then add some Halloween Edges from Bazzill, include the Ready to go Package of Halloween in Wonderland Graphic 45 papers and tags with tulle and additional diecut embellishments to have fun * fun * fun. For a limited time you may request cardstock collages in a deep golden Bazzill quality paper, the Halloween collages are so rich and it adds so much character to the finished item.   You will find an extra drop down item just for the Halloween collages in Bazzill Gold.  For Halloween this paper is at the same price as regular cardstock.  Go for it! 
Works in progress using the fab manila tags from  So inexpensive, add some to each order you place.  Used Butterscotch mist, Versacraft black, Rubberstampede blue and orange inks.  German Scrap accents are a good addition to any project, easy to use and a WOW feature.  Find them at the website too. For tags and German Scrap click here

Contributor Artwork

I find that yet again, I cannot make comments.  I have yet to figure out the right combination of  elements that do allow me to make comments.  THEREFORE.... The necklace Gayle posted is gorgeous, the detail work is amazing.   These stamps are small and lend themselves very well to dominoes.   Gayle outdid herself again by showing her careful detailing talents.  I felt that the stamps could be great additions to ATC's as well.   Nice little treats to tuck into secret places or use with our ATC Tin that comes with 20 blank cards.   Our manila Tags would be a great use too. Keep in mind the smaller stamps are only 1.00 each, sold in sets of 6 different images. Enjoy seeing the art and please contribute too!  Jean

Board Book Swap

There is a fun swap in the Alteredpages Yahoo group.  Our Swap Queen is Tolegranny and she is quite a force when it comes to getting us all involved and having a great time!   Honestly, if I did not have her to instigate I would probably not have gotten this project done.    My book is Memories of the 50's, a simple book, fun to remininsce.  The prom date has a 3-D lace prom dress, as does the girdle advertisment.   Foil tape and a cuttlebug was fun to incorporate.   I used the accordion book which is available in our papers and books section on the website.   My Mom's 50's kitchen counter had a similar pattern as the background on the Sputnik pages.   This book has 5 interior and 5 exterior pages.   click here to see more books.

Galleries on our Wesbite

Did you know we have TWO galleries of contributor's work on our website, one for our featured Design Artist and one for Everyone to share.  We have an awesome design team and their work is fabulous, come on over to the website and see it.     The photo is a teaser of a new and upcoming Design Team will find out soon!   Click here for Gallery number Two

friends are like shoes . . .

You can never have too many! (click the pic to enlarge) Isn't that a great image? You can find it HERE --if you use it, I'd love to see what you create! I used it in this friendship themed, hand bound book, but it has so many fun possibilities. :)trisha

Way Cute Fabric Pumpkins!

I got a treat today, these 6 pumpkins arrived from Oldgoatprims at Etsy. They are fabric, dyed and painted with moss and real branches for stems.   I COULD NOT have made them for what she charged.....ready?   15.00 for all 6 pumpkins!    Each one is about 6 inches tall or more.   What a deal!   
Don't forget....We have some really yummy papers.    To name a few..... Core'dinations with the colored  core, black magic series, chocolate box series and more Text pages in many languages Graphic 45 papers in various themes including Halloween in Wonderland, Domestic Goddess and more. Asian papers Joss paper (one example above) Security paper (wonderful sepia tone for backgrounds) Parchment Click here for paper info

Did you ever sew or use a pattern?

Adding sewing techniques to art is so very hip currently.   Can  you share your projects that include any sort of sewing (machine or hand)? I had a new outfit every week in the 70's, but that damnable polyester stretch allowed us to "stretch" too!   Show us your projects, we love to see everyone's work.

ATC Fridge Magnets

Here are some ATC fridge magnets with Altered Pages beautiful women images. I have been working on them for my craft fairs. Each has an inspiration message. I am signed up for five fairs this year. I have been busy getting things organized. I received an email from Sarah Murphy of DIY or Don't. She asked if I would consider becoming a member of her design team. I was of course honored. I will be submitting a tutorial project every month. I am going to have to put my thinking cap on!!!! Have a nice week end ladies

New Art group for me

I am so very happy and feel so nurtured today!    I was invited to join the CIA (Collaborative Inspired Artists)    It is a fluid group that meets monthly with artists of various disciplines.   There was lots of collage, assemblage, some jewelry (WOW totally made from scratch metals and enamels, etc), some charcoal and painting.    I feel like a weight was lifted last night.   I have struggled with who am I as an artist, what can I create?     I  feel that I have support to be critiqued and mentored in my quest to find who I really am artistically. Thank you to those who invited me!   The work that was displayed was amazing.  There is a show and tell each time.   Zowie, I better get my game on!    If you do not belong to a group, find one, it is such a grand experience.  Have an exceptionally great Thursday!   Jean

New Halloween collages are here

We have a new Halloween phrase collage with so many spiffy saying and poems, you will giggle. Our Yahoo group has swaps & challenges for all things Holiday!  Get your Spooky on and have some fun.    Create kits our Scary talented design team has produced for YOU.

What's a girl gotta do?

I'm not seeing many comments, do you like what you see?    Do you want to contribute?   Send your project .jpg to and your work can appear on the blog! 
  Manila Tags now available! These beautiful creamy, heavy cardstock tags measure 4 3/4 X 2 5/8 inches.   They are the perfect canvas for creating gift tags, ATC style artwork, creating a tag book attached with ribbons, add to your journals or place into library pockets.   They come in two packages 10 or 25 packs.     go to to order TODAY!

Beeswax Anyone?

The above piece was done by Trisha from Vintage Bliss.     How can YOU make a beeswax project?  Visit the website to see Linda Cameron's beeswax tutorial.   Learn the simple steps and some tricks and tips to be successful.

How About a Challenge?

Kooky, spooky, scary stuff. Here is a challenge for you to get your gears engaged! The theme will be Steampunk Creatures. Could it be a witch, a goblin, a robot gone wild, perhaps a mechanical lizard or a damsel in distress? Make the piece no larger than 5 X 7 inches. It can be collaged, embellished, painted, stamped or digital. It can be 3-D or flat. Try to frighten us by submitting your .jpg images to and use BLOG JPG as your subject line, please. We will post the images to the blog as they come in. Please include your name in your email. The image with the most positive comments will be our winner. AND you will win a selection of Halloween in Wonderland Graphic 45 papers and tags. Entry Deadline - October 10, 2011 You can give the finished project to a friend or teacher!   Above digital image by Gayle Page-Robak.      

Contributors and their Art

Are you enjoying our Creative Artist's works?  How about all of our contributors?  We all like to hear/see what people are thinking....make sure to comment and acknowledge the artists and their work. I like to see what perspective others have, that always helps me grow.   Enjoy your weekend!   

Love those sewing related art pieces

The mixing and matching of mediums is such a great opportunity to bring the best of all your talents and likes together.    Ink and paint and fabric and collages make for a grand finished item.  This piece was created by Dianne Adams for Alteredpages.   She  used collage image and fabrics plus embellishments to make me smile!

Welcome to all of our new Blog followers

We are so happy you are following the blog, please share it with your friends too!   Feel free to comment, every artist loves to hear what you think (as long as it's wonderful, of course!!!)

The last of summer

'The summer sun too quickly sets and falling leaves create regrets'.  This was done for our August Swap, the Last flowers of Summer.   Make sure to see our gallery of lovely projects. Click here to see great projects

August Challenge Last Flowers of Summer

We have fun Challenges, BINGO and Swaps in our Yahoo are a  few from August.  Make sure to signup for the fun.    PRIZES! click here to join