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Happy Halloween!

I love this time of year!  I know for a lot of people Halloween means decorating their home inside and out, but for me it is a great time to make spooky art.  DIY Design Studio has several fun Halloween collages for your art projects. Both of my cards started out with plain card stock and a piece of punchinella.  Green ink with green paper and white ink with black paper...just to give the blank space a little texture. I used a strip of washi tape for a background element but a strip of scrapbook paper or a piece of ribbon would also be great.  I just wanted something fun behind the main collage image. I added a few highlights to the Halloween damsel with a white gel pen.  There is shading on the pumpkin eyes and noses.  And tracing around the skull and crossbones on her cloak and the grid on her dress really make them stand out.   A few Dew Drops make a nice dimensional highlight.   For the card below, I used the washi tape again and also added

More Halloween Fun in my Journal

IT'S FRIGHTENING! Hi everyone Danie here, today I pulled out my journal to play once more.  I love getting messy and it's the process more than the end result that I love.  So with Halloween in mind once more I started thinking dark and covered my journal pages with a layer of black paint. I had some clean up sheets from the last time I used some stencils on my desk so decided to put these to good use and while my black paint was still wet, tore these stenciled sheets into strips and stuck them down.  My glue and my paint mixed together and glazed these pieces as I smoothed out any air bubbles from the sticking down process. Next I took some white paint and a stencil and added some more detail, before brayering over the wet white paint to added further interest and pattern to the background. I choose to randomly brayer purple and orange paint across the page for my next layer. And to finish the background some more stenciling with Green Paint

Get on Over!

We like having you visit,  Make sure to subscribe... Just click here - easy peasy November will be filled with Die Cut ART,  join us. Embellish premade pieces art by Barbara Rankin Cut your own pieces Paint or Foil to add interest art by Lyneen Jesse Combine Die cuts in a variety of mediums art by Jean Moore Create with your manual die cutting machine  or buy premade

Cardmaking Inspriation

    Simple yet extremely Artful cards. Bold and colorful cardstock adds to the beauty of the compositions.  Layers and stamped images take us on a journey in our mind. Please see our rubber stamp HERE . Ascemic writing is not new... Asemic writing  is a wordless open semantic form of  writing . The word  asemic  means "having no specific semantic content", or "without the smallest unit of meaning". With the non-specificity of  asemic writing  there comes a vacuum of meaning, which is left for the reader to  fill in and interpret.   The following is an example of Emily Dickinson Asemic writing. ********************** Textured cardstock adds interest to the cards.  Reusing the stamp with existing ink allows for varied colors and transparency. Mona is always good for a smile!   This was multiple layers of the same stamp with torn pieces for more visual interest. Alcohol Ink blotted on gloss stock creates the backgro

Everyone is doing it

So did I! Skellies are all the rage when you add gorgeous wings to them.   We have wonderful  Wing collages you can print.   Order her e. Get your dollar store skeletons and have a blast!    Add magnets to the back or add jute to hang them.  Give little gifts, hang them in trees, SPOOKY! Thanks for having a giggle with me!

Pocket Halloween, part two

As promised, I have the flip side of my altered pocket page for Halloween.  For this side, I used all black and white collage images from The digital collages at DIYDesignStudio. In my first post for this project , I told you how I try to blend in the white edges of the paper with ink on color collages.   The rule is not as hard and fast with black and white images. Sometimes you need a fine line of paper around the image to make it stand out.  If you layer all black and grey images without the little "halo" you might not see everything.   As with the color collages, paper matters.  I used white paper for everything on this project.   I like black and white images for Halloween because they somehow just feel spookier!  Create yours with pocket pages - available here

Trick or Treat Journal Page

With our theme of October Treats this month I couldn't resist some fun and messy play in my journal. I cropped and enlarged two Halloween Children from the Collage Sheet on my computer and also thought I would use the harlequin patterns from the ATC Coin Background , I also grabbed out some paint and my Gel Plate. I added some paint to the Gel Plate and pressed this onto each page of my double spread in my large Dylusions Journal.  I then took out my Harlequin Stencil and with some black ink added some detail to the pages. Next I cut out bits from the ATC Coin Background and added this around the edges of my pages, before taking more paint and my brayer and covering over my background design. I then worked out the positioning of my three main focal images and added some black paint across the page in the area I planned to add my images. I then proceeded to add in more detail and definition - including the words Trick or Treat.  I added som