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Stencils and Modelling Paste

A while back I bought some second hand wooden wall  plaques. I painted them and put them aside. This week I dragged one out to use for this project .  You could use the Altered Pages Slat Sign . I decided to go crazy and make a fabulous mixed media piece. I am happy with the end results.  I began by making  modelling paste. It was made with equal parts glue and paint (color does not matter - I used grey acrylic) and then mix in talcum powder until it has the consistency of modelling paste.  I used two stencils with the modelling paste to create patterns and rough texture on the plaque, let the paste dry overnight (or longer depending on where you live). I arranged and glued die cut gears , bead trims, gems, keys and clock face. Then painted with black acrylic paint. Three coats were necessary to get good coverage. When dry I painted with metallic  paints , letting it dry between coats of paint and colors.  Be sure to get in all the nooks and crannies.

Beauty in Paris

Having fun with stencils.  The more the better.  Love all the layers!  The large tags make great embellishments for gift bags. Supplies: Collage sheet Transparency Beauties Large Tag Feathers Stencil  Carte Postale Stencil Art Expression Stencil Mist  Ink Metallic Luster Rub German foil - Heart and Tassels Flowers Sheet Music scrap Lace & Ribbon Tacky Glue   On  Large Tag  lay the  Art Expression Stencil  spray  Mist , let dry. Place the  Feathers Stencil   over the  Art Expression Stencil  on the  Large Tag  use  Metallic Luster Rub  to add a feather to the tag! From  Collage sheet Transparency Beauties  cut image of one of the beauties.  From the Carte Postale Stencil randomly add Paris images to the tag with ink. Attach  German foil - Heart and Tassels  with  Tacky Glue . Add Lace  and  Flowers  to the bottom of the tag with  Tacky Glue . Attach a bit of  Sheet Music scrap  with  Tacky Glue   to the top the tag.  Finally,


I thought of Primary and the idea was born.   Primary colors = 3.   I challenged myself to use THREES for the project.    White cardstock base had 3 acrylic paints applied with 3 STENCILS .    I also used three applicators, Brush , Brayer , and  Spouncer .   Three washi tapes were incorporated and finally accented with black and white pens in three of each color circles.  Simple and satisfying! Please visit the website for our Stencil and Floral Sale this month, welcome Spring with Fresh Flowers!

Mixed Media Card Using Stencils

Spring is finally here!  Although it has still been cool, the sky is blue and sunny and the plants are beginning to stir.  In their honor I chose to work with blues and greens this week. I started with two gel prints which were made with the same paints.  One was more green and the other more blue.  In fact, one of the prints is even on blue paper.  I cut them both into 1" strips.  I wanted an uneven mosaic so I used one long piece and 6 shorted pieces of various lengths.   Each of these pieces had the edges darkened with green ink so that they would all blend together.  It also hides the fact that the card stock of each print was a different color. I tried to get an even distribution of green and blue.  Double sided adhesive holds all of the pieces in place on the black card stock. I just bought to lovely stencils from Altered Pages and couldn't wait to use them!  I chose blue and green inks to compliment the paints. I

Playing with Paint and Stencils Part 2

Early this month I played with some Paint and Stencils which is my favorite thing to do in my art journals.  Sometimes I journal just for fun and for the art aspect, other times more for the personal release of emotions and then other times for the recording of relevant facts, sometimes it is a bit of both.  My project I shared with you started out with fun in mind but in deciding what to add to the background it now has become more of a record of relevant facts. The warm tones reminded me of the outback landscapes here in Australia in the Desert which then turned into thoughts of Egypt and then I noticed that some of my details of my stenciling looked like the Egyptian Ankh Symbol.  I then remembered my Egyptian Horoscope which I read at the start of each year in a magazine I buy.  I had last years magazine lying around so took some images from this along with the details of my personal horoscope to complete my page in my journal. This is how it turned out!

I'm late, I'm late...

Spring is in the air BUT it feels a little far away yet. So I had a little fun with this atc. My spring bunny happens to be from Alice in Wonderland. It's Stencil month at Altered Pages.  I began by choosing a brick stencil and some homemade texture paste. Made from a mix of School glue (PVA in UK ) talcum powder and white paint. I used a spatula tool to smooth the paste over the stencil and then left to dry overnight. I painted over with a coat of pale yellow acrylic paint and dried with heat gun. When dry I chose a brown ink and using a sponge applicator, I sponged over the bricks in a random way so it varied the coverage.   It looks like old bricks. I cut the paper to fit over an ATC size card as a base. I chose some flowers ,  charms, etc from my stash and adhered. Then added the text using my Dymo labeler. I was pleased with the results it was a lot of fun.  See our Sale on Stencils and Florals !