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Pocket Halloween, part one

If you haven't yet searched for Halloween goodies at Altered Pages then please let me recommend them to you!  There are collage images of every type so whatever type of project you're making, you won't be disappointed.  Which Halloween collage did I use for this project?  All of them.  Well, it seems that way.  Let me explain. When you're making an altered pocket page project you need a lot of collages to work with.  So I printed off each of the Halloween collages that I've collected over the years and cut them apart while my husband and I watched baseball.  That way, I could work on a project, still have our time together, and because I wasn't coloring or assembling, I could put it down and pick it up with ease. When you are printing your images at home, you control the size and color.  I printed a couple different sizes for each page and I also used a couple of different color papers.  It's important to keep in mind that the ink will appe


Words that give you CHILLS Order yours here You can make this, click here The name POE strikes fear into hearts, make some spooky POEs Hope you enjoyed our Spooky month. one more day to go and Stephanie will make it AWESOMELY SCARY!

Finish off Summer with a beautiful project or two

So many fabulous summer projects to make.  Allow us to help make it easy for you to create those memories.   See this one here So much fun, place a photo on the reverse side, order here. Find this kit here Make this one for the kids

Pumpkins, Cats and Witches Hats

At Christmas everything is either Naughty or Nice but at Halloween things can be Spooky and Cute together which is exactly what all these vintage Collage Images from Altered Pages have in common today.  Along with Pumpkin's, Cats and Witches Hats. I decided to use up some old post cards I had been hoarding as some Artist Trading Coin Bases.  I covered them with a thin coat of Gesso before painting the backs black and adding some purple and orange paint to the front. Some of the wonderful collage sheets I cut the delightful images from were Halloween Children and Happy Halloween along with a few others.  If cute isn't your thing you will also find some more scary looking images in store also.  One the paint of my backgrounds was dry I added some black stamping and then proceeded to add my images.  I added some wording to a couple also that was on one of the collage sheets.   I then took a white paint pen and dashed and scribbled around the outs

SPOOKY MEDIUMS, paper, wood, and more to choose from.

Spooky ATCs, anyone? Our gold stickers make such fab accents for any project, I am not a big fan of stickers but these are little crowning touches!  Our collage #3095 provides darling children for additions to your ATCs. Did you ever think of cupcake liners for your projects?  They can make it more interesting.  cut them, tear them, ink them, stain them!    Make these for gifts or decorating your spooky tables.  Such FUN.  A little paint, some embellishments and VOILA!  Click here for the boot ,  Click here for the hat . See our Floral SALE on the website today ! Thanks for visiting, Jean

Spooky Upcycle

Today I have for you a quick upcycle  with big results!   Today's project began as an ornate ceramic frame.   The focal point of the frame was a 3x3 inch tumbled marble tile.  The tile originally had an old world, Tuscan style wine label on it.   It was beautiful, but it just did not match my decor any longer.  I adored the piece and could never part with I gave it new life as Halloween decor.  Technically, I can give it new life again and again with any theme collage images from Altered Pages .   The frame itself is about a 11x11 inch square and is a couple inches deep.  So it is a great size, not too big, not too small.  And, it looks great sitting on a thick wrought iron easle.  I first used water diluted  Tacky glue to add a scrap of torn  vintage music sheet .  I then aged the music sheet a tad more using  sepia toned ink   & my Ranger Blending Tool .  Next, I tore an image from the Ravens Take Flight collage sheet.   I inked the

Wonderful Getaways in your mind!

Breathe in PEACE Breathe Out LOVE That is your job for today!

Spooky Mixed Media by Jean

Shoes can be comfortable,  your favorite chair is like a refuge.   Some Art supplies can be the same sort of thing.   The items at the heart of  AlteredPages are collages.  They still hold a wealth of use for art and craft projects. Collage #288 is perfect for cards, nametags & ATCs. Here is a canvas I made that uses one of my favorite collage images. This mixed media piece used our collage #3091 . This example shows that collages can be incorporated into more than cards or scrapbooks.   Modeling paste, paints, vintage music sheets and a stencil round out the creation. Join us as we show you more of the true spooky art contained in .

The Raven - One Spooky Bird

The Raven - musings from Edgar Allen Poe has become long associated with all things Spooky so I thought the Altered Pages Collage Sheets Quoth the Raven, Nevermore and the Edgar Allen Poe would be perfect choices for this month's Design Team Theme - Make it Spooky. The first line of The Raven sets the tone - Once upon a midnight dreary. I had some old postcards on hand so took to them with some Gesso and Black Paint before adding a touch of color with some paint and stencils. On the computer I typed and printed out some quotes from 'The Raven' and added these with my chosen images to my postcard backgrounds. So now I have three postcards ready to send a spooky greeting to friends.

A little Gauze, a little dye, and a Cadaver

Spooky can be gruesome This piece was truly a satisfying project. An oversize Tag became an homage to a cadaver, poor soul. I began with our oversize tags    I dyed at least 1 yard of  seam binding  with inks as I did gauze from the  dollar store tinted with watered ink from these bottles  allow to dry while you tear and apply vintage text pages .  Adhere the pages to the tag with any medium or tacky glue.    Fancy cut collage #3091 skeleton and adhere with a medium. Apply the gauze with a medium , wrapping to the back side which you can cover with text pages.  Add some cadaver glitz if you want with STICKLES Thread the dryed ribbon through the hole and fluff for fullness.  You can always drip some melted red  crayon or paint to be more gruesome.      THANKS for dropping in today!   JEAN