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Stencil with Paint or Texture

Do you want to learn?  Thanks to Dixie Belle Paints we have!    We always want to learn more about creating.  Paper projects are fantastic, card making is gratifying, mixed media challenges us.   We also want to create functional pieces.  Today we are offering videos for your instruction. Please enjoy watching. You will see the paint applied and a stencil used for painted decoration.  Sally Azzato makes it easy to learn! This month has been a fun challenge for some of our designers! They have shown new and interesting ways to work with Dixie Belle paints.  We adore inspiration!   We love DBP.   Sold at Now for a Dixie Belle Swamp MUD tutorial video....MUD is a wonderful Texture compound for filling holes, decorating, creating bas-relief and plain old fun!  Sally Azzato shows us how to use SWAMP MUD with stencils and paints.   Tips for use and disposal are important! Dixie Belle is such a fantastic product, THANKS for s

Dixie Bell Painted Canvas

Hello my artsy friends!  All month long the Altered Pages Design Team has been sharing projects using Dixie Belle paints.  There have been some really wonderful DIY and art projects. I think it's great that this paint works equally well for both. Today I have a 5x7 canvas board to share.  I started with three base colors.  Dixie Belle Terra Cotta and Grunge Glaze and gesso for shading. I used the palette to mix darker and lighter shades of the Terra Cotta paint and added it to the canvas board at random. To make areas even darker or lighter I used the glaze or gesso without mixing. While the board was still wet, I used my fingers and my brush to get the last of each of the colors and drip them on to the canvas.  The board was thumped on the scrap paper to encourage the paint to drip the length of the board.  Then I turned it the other direction and repeated. StazOn ink works very well over paint so I used three colors to make the bricks and darken the edg

Altered Artist Mini Tag Booklet

Hi everyone!  Barbara here with my last post as part of the  Altered Pages  design team.  I am saddened to leave this fabulous group, but never fear, I've been asked to come back on occasion as a guest designer, and I happily agreed!  I decided to make a cute little accordion style mini note book with tags using simple coin envelopes. And, best of all, these are so quick and easy to make.  I love quotes and used some on the back of my tags, along with some fab collage images for the tag fronts.  Altered Pages has a great selection of collage images, too!    Cut a strip of gray card stock 2-1/2" wide by 11" long.  Use a scoring tool, like the  Scor-Pal , to score at 1", 1-3/8",  5-1/2", 5-7/8", and 9-3/4".  Cut off excess paper at the 9-3/4" score line. Fold top flaps to inside and place double-sided tape down the center of each coin envelope.  Adhere coin envelopes together.  Make sure they are going in the same direc

Dixie Belle on a clamshell.

You probably already know you can paint pretty much anything with chalk paints, right?  I've used it on wood, metal, and glass, but I have to admit, this is my first time using chalk paint on a clamshell. 1.  A thin coat of paint, slightly watered down, coating the inside of said shell 2.  Iridescent plastic ribbon, accordion folded and stitched at one end, to look like a fan. 3.  The rock is holding the down the stitched end of the ribbon, which is drying with a dollop of glue, and a colored toothpick was added to the back of the collage image to give it support. Glue Haiku waiting for the glue project with many pieces an eternity  (It's okay, go ahead and moan--it was supposed to be ridiculous!) Added some sparkly white tulle, iridescent glass beads, "pearls," and tiny shells.  (I dunno who dyed all those tiny pink shells--it sure wasn't me.)  Ta-da!  Bathing Beauty. Stuff I used: clamshell chalk

Upcycling Saves Waste and OUR Planet Earth

IT'S JEAN TODAY, HOPING YOUR WEDNESDAY IS FANTASTIC! Old kitchen cabinet doors or drawer fronts become treasures for your home or for gifting.    Holidays or memories, seasonal fun decor for all year long.  Make Monogram gifts too! Make a coffee table tray from an old kitchen door.... no crabs allowed!  (created by Amy Joyce Mehring) Fill any holes with Dixie Belle Mud and sand them, base paint is Dixie Belle Butter Creamy. Paint the door panels with Dixie Belle Ocean and a mix of 1 part Palmetto and 4 parts Butter Creamy OR Kudzu mixed with Butter Creamy 2 to 1 part.   Use a loose technique wiping the paint heavier in some areas, lighter in others.   After it is all dry, use Grunge Glaze and wipe it all over the tray.   Allow the glaze to be heavier in the crevices.     THEN add your stencil image , choose from a great selection at AlteredPages .    You can use paint OR glaze for the stencil image.    A sponge can work well, or a brush.

Recycled Gift Box

Recycled Gift Box by Debi Tullier I am the queen of  using all kinds of throw away stuff for projects. This time I had a very stiff chipboard tube from a wide tape. I knew it had greatness in its future. Join with me in my journey to change its life.   I had a real challenge. I was away from home with very limited supplies. Thank goodness I brought several from AlteredPages in my survival kit. Supplies: Box Aleene’s tacky glue Decoupage paper (on Hand) Molding paste (on Hand) Dixie Bell Paints Crystal Lacquer and mica mixers Gypsy Soul Laser Chipboard Metallic marker (on hand) Fabric (on hand) Stencil previously from AlteredPages Join me next month!

Art Is ... Art Journal Page

Hi everyone!  Barbara here on the Altered Pages blog today.  I am working in my  Dylusions Small Journal  today.  Art journaling is really fun, and gives you permission to do your own thing without rules.  So let's play! Tape the seam in your journal to keep the paint from seeping down into the pages below.  Paint both pages with a coat of the  Liquitex Gesso  and let dry.  Tear a few pieces of paper from the  Authentic Accomplished 6x6 pad  and adhere to the page randomly.  Add a wash of gesso over both pages to push the darker paper into the background. Resize and print the  hand with palette and brushes  collage image, fussy cut and adhere to journal page.  Print   Pocket Quotes 2  collage image, cut out quotes for your journal.  Coat paper with Dixie Belle Clear Coat Satin to protect the inkjet printer ink from bleeding. Cut the quotes apart and adhere them, along with the paint palette image, to the page, as shown.  I also penciled in a hand-drawn image