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Feature Artist: Beth Shea

We have the great pleasure to introduce you
to the amazing and talented

of echo artworks

I am honored to call Beth my friend.  I have known her for 10 years... echo artworks is like a home away from  home!  She is one of kindest most giving people I know.  Every month she spends a couple of days at one of the local senior homes helping the residents repair jewelry and with beading. 

Beth is the owner, artist and chief mess-maker at echo artworks. Beth has been making jewelry and accessories for over 20 years and loves using vintage and found objects (aka junk) in her mixed media pieces.  She is an accomplished teacher and has been spending more time offering workshops at large trade shows around the country.
Beth will be exhibiting her vintage wares and goodies in Tucson at the To Bead True Blue show from Jan 31st through Feb 8th.  She will also be teaching workshops in drilling found objects, metalsmithing and coloring metal.  View the complete class schedule here- 
Recently one of our local papers, "The Bremerton Patriot", had a great article about Beth and echo artworks celebrating 12 years!!!  You can see it HERE

A peak in echoartworks

When did you realize you had a real desire or talent for creating? I was the youngest grandchild and the only girl. My grandmother (and mother) loved to dress me in dresses and let me wear their great retro jewelry, but my grandfather treated me like any of the other grandkids-just one of the boys. So I did the same things the boys did-learn how to whittle, you get a knife; learn how to shoot, you get a gun…I just did it all in dresses. My dad was also a woodworker, and I remember standing next to him at his workbench cooking something awful in my Holly Hobby oven and him letting me hammer in nails or sand an edge.

My grandmother was the one who got me into beads after I took apart one of her necklaces-I just wanted to see how it was put together and she suggested that we get me my own beads.

What are you favorite materials to use when you create?
I am a tool-a-holic, so any time I get to use a tool, I am happy. I love old stuff-stuff that already has a story or some history, before I get my hands on it. Vintage glass is my favorite (thanks Mimi!), I love the colors and shapes they just can’t make anymore.

Rivited Rainbows - class at To Bead True Blue in Tucson

Where do you gain most of your inspiration?
I am a nature person, any free time I get is spent camping or exploring a beach somewhere. There are amazing patterns, combinations of colors and shapes and forms that are all right there in infinite combinations right out your back door.

What is your favorite quote?
I have lots of quotes that inspire me but this is one of my favorites “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” William Shakespeare I think that’s why I love teaching so much.

Web site:


I am going to by and see Beth & Pixie today and pick out some charms for a giveaway... Leave a comment on this postand I will do a random drawing the end of the week!!!!

This is what I picked up when I went to echo artworks today!


  1. Beth your love of nature and retro shows in your beautiful pieces. I especially loved the last picture of flowers. Are they enamel or plastic? It reminds me of the pieces I cherished in the 70s. Thank you for sharing.

  2. What beautiful beads. I envy Beth her 'bead' drawers. Love the flowers she makes.

  3. Using found objects in your work is an art in itself. And working with seniors can be fun and challenging. Love the beautiful beads.

  4. Hi Beth. So interesting to read about your art and how and what inspires you. I love your chosen quote, too. I think I feel the same way. I really enjoy sharing how to make things with others. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  5. Oh... I'm all excited! Thanks for sharing your art!

  6. Great article and I am lucky she is "local" for me! Great place to find wonderful goodies :)

  7. What lovely looking flowers. The jewelry display looks very inviting. Your work is beautiful to look at.

  8. Beth the flowers are so beautiful! Thank you for having such a heart for the elderly.

  9. Beth the flowers are so beautiful! Thank you for having such a heart for the elderly.

  10. If I only had time off to run down to Tucson to see you! I'm a bead junkie.

  11. Oh how I would love to explore all the fabulous treasures in your store Beth! It's been lovely getting to know you here at AP today!

  12. oh how lovely ...i would go crazy in your store many yummy things catch the creative eye ..I love doing altered art...I'm am a out in the woods,kinda gal too, ..find lots of lovely things ..and your right there's nothing like the color combo of the out doors,Beth you have wonderful things ....your place is dripping in color

  13. Beth, congrats on 12 years with echo artworks!
    Thanks for the chance to win some fabulous charms!

  14. Love that octopus because I am a beach lover and live on the gulf side of Florida and fits perfect for me. I love vintage and beading also.

  15. It was fun hearing Beth's story! It's so neat to get to know the people behind the art!!! I love everything you picked out for the giveaway. My fingers are crossed! :)

  16. Beth we must meet in Tuscon!!! Welcome to our family!

  17. This looks like a real Aladdins cave. Pity I am so far away. Love that octopus. Hugz

  18. Beth seems like a wonderful creative soul. Thanks for the profile and the chance to win a cool prize! xo

  19. Beth seems like a wonderful creative soul. Thanks for the profile and the chance to win a cool prize! xo

  20. Terrific article -- I also find a lot of inspiration camping and at the beach!

  21. I love using vintage pieces in my artwork!! I was a lot like Beth growing up. I had mostly boy cousins, so I learned how to fish and shoot a gun, but my grandmother taught me to crochet and other crafty things. Thanks for a chance at winning this awesome and inspiring giveaway!!

  22. Perfect for a Valentine's Day Project!

  23. Hey, Beth! We are neighbors of sorts... I live in Tacoma! Now that I know where you are I need to visit your shop! Lovely article about Beth and great looking shop. Thanks, Jean for the opportunity to win!!!


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